Elon Musk Promotes Tucker Carlson’s First Twitter Episode, Invites Other News Hosts to Follow

Twitter boss Elon Musk made a deal with Tucker Carlson to relaunch his hit show on the platform.

Although Musk is no longer the CEO after he appointed a new one recently, many still see him as the one to go to.

Carlson recently took Musk up on the offer after being let go from Fox News.

Last night, he made it official, with episode one of his new Twitter show.

The show was a huge hit and pulled in tens of millions of views in just a few hours.

It’s unclear so far, how often Carlson plans to post shows to Twitter, and exactly how or if he plans to monetize the new show.

Musk was happy to see Carlson follow through, extending his invitation again to others as well.

“Would be great to have shows from all parts of the political spectrum on this platform!”

Musk and Carlson have a history of being chum to at least some degree.

At the end of Carlson’s first episode, he implied that he believes Twitter supports free speech to a large degree and is happy to be hosted there.

He did add, however, that he would not stay if things changed.

We will be staying tuned to see who says what about Carlson’s new show drop, and what happens next with this newly developing situation, as the mainstream media continues to be circumvented by many smart and successful truth-tellers.

See episode one:

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By Hunter Fielding
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