Whoopi Goldberg Furious that People Won’t Ignore Hunter Biden’s Creepy Laptop, ‘…Shut Up About it!’

“The View”s Whoopi Goldberg has had enough of hearing about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and she yearns for Republicans to just “shut up about it!”

The hosts of “The View” discussed Hunter Biden’s plea deal on Wednesday’s episode. About six minutes into the discussion, Goldberg couldn’t hold back anymore, “The other thing for me is, listen, if you get investigated, if they’re doing an investigation, I’m all for it. Investigate everything, everybody, everything. But if you took five years and this is what you came up with, I’m going to assume you didn’t find very much more about, that was chargeable. That damn laptop.”

She continued, “I’m sick of hearing about that laptop. This laptop, I hope it just crumbles to death, I hate it so much.”

Sunny Hostin replied, “We know he had this terrible addiction problem. That’s why he got the diversion program for the gun charge. The laptop, unfortunately, there are pictures of him nude, there are pictures of him with women and doing drugs and with guns.”

Goldberg then added, “This is what I want. I want them to shut up about it then. Go after him – it’s not going to stop y’all from going after Biden… We know you’re going to keep looking because you’re lookers. You look away when you see something that’s actually worth seeing, but you want to look for something not really there. I want you all to do your damnedest to get all the stuff you need to try to get because that’s what we did… If you can find something, then show the nation, but stop holding up BS stuff when there’s nothing there.”

Many conservatives see things a little differently. It seems to many on the right that Hunter Biden is being treated with kid gloves. It appears he is being given special treatment to them. Many believe there may be criminal charges that Hunter is avoiding simply because he is Joe Biden’s son.

Currently, the House Oversight Committee is doing its own investigation into the Biden Family’s financial dealings abroad. It has been alleged that Joe Biden was involved in a pay-to-play scheme that involved his family members. Only time will tell if that leads to anything.

See the hosts of “The View” discuss Hunter’s plea deal below:

By Liam Donovan
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