It’s Official, Adam Schiff Has Been Censured by the U.S. House, Will Have Humiliating Process Ahead of Him to Endure for Past Shenanigans

U.S. House Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been officially censured after a proposal was put in places and a couple various attempts by Republicans.

The vote was 213-209. 6 Republicans voted present instead of yes. All Democrats voted no. Schiff will now have to endure the permanent stain of censureship on his so called legacy and go through the impending humiliation ritual about to be manifested by the Republicans.

“BREAKING: Adam Schiff has been officially Censured by Congress

Only 25 Reps have been censured in US history He will now have to stand in front of Congress while Speaker McCarthy scolds him for his role in aiding & abetting illegal spying on President Trump Humiliating!”

It seems Schiff’s emotional anti-Trumpism has gotten the best of him. We’ll have to stay tuned now to see what kind of faux outrage responses come from fellow radical left-wing Democrats.

While Schiff is using faux outrage from this process to fundraise for his U.S. Senate run, it can’t be a good thing for him overall.

By Liam Donovan
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