Stephen King Practically Foams at the Mouth with Rage After Tucker Carlson Calls him Out on Hunter Biden Book Support

In Tucker Carlson’s most recent episode of ‘Tucker on Twitter’, he took a potshot at author Stephen King for his endorsement of Hunter Biden’s Memoir.

From The Main Wire:
Here’s what Carlson had to say to about Stephen King in the fifth episode of his new show:

“Meanwhile, once his father did become president, corporate publisher Simon & Schuster lined up as well to pay Hunter Biden’s bills.

According to news reports, Simon & Schuster gave Hunter Biden millions of dollars for his highly-selective account of his wholly-unaccomplished life.

And then the publisher lined up brainless celebrity endorsers like Dave Eggers, and Stephen King to promote it.

King, who apparently will say anything if it helps the party, called Hunter Biden’s silly manuscript a ‘harrowing and compulsively readable memoir,’ and then Stephen King described Hunter Biden himself as ‘beautiful.’”Ep. 5 of “Tucker on Twitter”

King sarcastically replied to the news, “Tucker Carlson called me brainless. My life is over.”

Hunter Biden was given what many people see as a sweetheart deal by the Department of Justice. In exchange for a guilty plea on misdemeanor tax charges and no jail time, Biden’s felony gun charge will be resolved with a pre-trial diversion agreement. This means the gun charges will be dropped.

This deal seems unfathomable to many. Contrasts between Hunter Biden and Wesley Snipes have been made to highlight the difference in the handling of similar charges.

Carlson delved into Joe and Hunter Biden’s financial connections. He shared thoughts about the investigation the House Oversight Committee is conducting into allegations of the Biden Family’s financial dealings abroad.

Biden continues to claim his son has done nothing wrong and that he is proud of him. The White House has come out and claimed that there is nothing to the investigation the House Oversight Committee has started.

The FBI has information that alleges that then Vice President Joe Biden was involved in at least one pay-to-play scheme involving a foreign national.

It appears to many that the Justice Department has a two-tiered system. Former President Donald Trump is facing multiple charges in connection with documents he claims he unclassified, and many see it as politically motivated. Many feel it’s a move by Biden to get rid of his top competitor for the 2024 presidential election. The plea deal made with Hunter Biden only appears to enforce the perception.

You can see Carlson’s full video below:

By Liam Donovan
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