WH Correspondent Known for Irking KJP Tweets in Depth Analysis as to Why he Doesn’t Think Ron DeSantis Can Beat Donald Trump

Chief White House Correspondent for Today News Africa Simon Ateba posted an in depth analysis as to why he isn’t too keen on the Ron DeSantis vs Donald Trump for president idea.

The race is early and the campaigning and mud slinging has begun. Read Ateba’s full tweet:

“Forgive me, I may be wrong. I have been wrong many times in life, and I may be wrong here again. But it’s my belief as I write this that @GovRonDeSantis, who will be joining the presidential race today to face other @GOP contenders such as @realDonaldTrump, is taking a big gamble.

Beating Donald Trump as of now is such a big climb. Being crushed by him will immediately end his political career. He will immediately become another Jeb Bush. Losing now will, in my view, completely obliterate future chances, including in 2028.

As of now, Trump is leading the GOP pack by between 30 and 40 points, and even with a myriad of court cases, his popularity continues to grow. In a way, people see Trump as his own person, while many in the country are wondering what DeSantis stands for, what makes him unique, and even different from Trump?

Yes, he won an election in a state with a wide margin, but when I traveled to Florida last February, no one in Florida told me it was a good idea to go against Trump. Many told me he is a good governor and should contest in 2028. So failing to defeat Trump now, as the polls show, may completely doom his political career.

Defeating Trump may also leave the GOP so fractured that he may lose the general election if he fails to unite all factions.

So, as I said, I have been wrong before and I may be wrong now. DeSantis may close the gap and win and unite the GOP and beat the Democrats. That’s certainly possible. But as of today, that seems to be a very long shot.

What do you think?”

Former President and candidate Donald Trump is already attacking:

See Ateba attacking White Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre previously:

Stay tuned for more campaign updates.

By Hunter Fielding
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