Elon Musk: ‘The Intolerant Left Is Driving People Right’

In response to a tweet today, Elon Musk fired back after an ally of his was called a “Nazi” by a leftist on the platform.

Twitter user “Whole Mars Catalog” shared a screenshot of a tweet that called him “the biggest white supremacist nazi in the elon cult.”

“So apparently I’m a nazi now,” the blogger began in a tweet sharing the screenshot along with a laughing face emoji.

The blogger then said, “Imagine having your head so far up your ass that you can’t read a comment from someone with a different opinion without losing your sh*t.”

“I consider myself left of center, but people have gotten so intolerant it’s nuts,” the blogger lamented.

Musk quickly weighed in and replied to the tweet and quipped that “the intolerant left is driving people right.”

The blogger then continued to reply to his own tweet and shared a meme that mocked leftists complaining about Twitter.

“This is exactly my point. I’ve actually known these people online for years. Instead of coming and debating directly, they retreat in cowardice to some lame Twitter knock off to scream Nazi! Everyone is a nazi / racist / hateful now if they don’t agree,” the blogger explained.

The blogger continued, “You’re not heroes. You’re not saving the world. You’re not ending racism. You’ve just become whiny brats throwing a temper tantrum to enforce ideological conformity and ostracize anyone exhibiting wrongthink.”

The blogger then shared a screenshot of a response to Musk and said, “This isn’t winning anyone over. It’s pushing longtime democrats away. I’ve always voted Democrat. Elon has always voted Democrat. You’re alienating people who were on your team by attacking them until they turn away.”

“A political movement has to be about something more than just hating people, attacking people, boycotting people and trying to take away their livelihood. the hard truth is if you can’t figure out how to draw people into your camp you will lose the next election,” the blogger concluded in the most recent reply.

By Hunter Fielding
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