Liz Wheeler Warns Conservatives Not to Go Back to Shopping at Target After a Few Select ‘Satanic’ Items Removed

Conservative commentator Liz Wheeler shared her thoughts on Target’s most recent move.

“DO NOT fall for Target removing stuff from the Satanist designer from their website. Target isn’t apologizing. Target doesn’t think they did wrong. Target is blaming YOU, calling you extremists, as their excuse for removing the Satanist items. Do not back down.”

Target has scrambled after it faced backlash for its “Pride” collection that was released at the beginning of May. The retailer has removed all of the items associated with Abprallen after it was made known the brand sold items that are satanic, specifically t-shirts that read “Satan Respects Pronouns”.

Target spokesperson Kayla Castaneda said, “Given these volatile circumstances, we are removing merchandise that is the target of ire.” Castaneda issued no apology for the company’s move to partner with a brand known for selling Satanic wear. Instead, Castaneda used language to make those who voiced concern over the products sound violent.

Target it appears is trying to avoid a Bud Light problem without admitting to any wrongdoing. They seem to be trying to appease conservatives while also trying to not upset the left. Liz Wheeler called them out for the game they are playing.

Wheeler discussed Target’s “tuck friendly” swimwear in the video below:

More conservatives appear to be on board with boycotting after Bud Light was boycotted for their partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

By Hunter Fielding
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