Trump Ruthlessly Mocks DeSantis’ Presidential Announcement with Videos on Truth Social

Earlier today, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced on a Twitter space that he’s running for president.

This was widely expected.

“Governor DeSantis’ 7-minute presidential announcement in full.”

Former and possible future President Trump has been ruthlessly mocking DeSantis on Truth Social, although he’s expected to come back to Twitter e eventually as well.

One video shows a rocket failing to launch:

Another video shows a parody of the Twitter space with random “villain” characters in the space with DeSantis

Time will tell what’s next for DeSantis.

Perhaps while he knows he can’t catch Trump, maybe he hopes phony Democrat prosecutions may stop him, leaving just DeSantis and the lesser favored candidates running for the GOP nod.

Regardless, the slow news cycle is sure to be heating up soon enough as campaign season soon gets into full swing.

By Hunter Fielding
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