WEF: Spike in Sudden Deaths Among African Americans Caused by ‘Racism’

The World Economic Forum-funded Mayo Clinic has just issued a warning to African Americans that the surge in heart failure-related sudden deaths since 2021 is being caused by “racism.”

So-called “experts” from the WEF’s “health” organization have added racism to the long list of causes behind the devastating spike in unexpected deaths.

According to the WEF, “climate change,” gas stoves, meat-eating, private car ownership, lack of masking, and too much air travel are all contributing to the unprecedented surge in fatal heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and brain disorders that started skyrocketing in 2021.

Surprisingly, however, they insist that Covid mRNA vaccines are unrelated to the sudden death epidemic, despite the surge beginning shortly after the shots were rolled out for public use.

According to Dr. LaPrincess Brewer of the Mayo Clinic, soaring sudden death rates in the African-American community are not due to lifestyle decisions made by black people, or the Covid vaccine roll-out.

The spike can be attributed to “systemic racism,” Brewer warns.

Dr. Brewer is a medical doctor whose research “seeks to better elucidate the social determinants of cardiovascular health and how they contribute to racial and ethnic disparities in cardiovascular disease,” according to her Mayo Clinic bio.

The Mayo Clinic News Network reported that their so-called “experts” all concur with Dr. Brewer that “racism” is the reason that heart failure has skyrocketed in the past three years.

According to Brewer, racism in the US causes “food insecurity, housing insecurity, redlining, which really limits certain individuals from receiving opportunities and resources to better their health.”

The establishment is experiencing major problems explaining the massive increase in cardiovascular disease since the mRNA vaccines were unleashed on the world.

Corporate media outlets, including some “conservatives,” blame everything except the injections.

Suddenly, all the normal things humans have been doing for eternity magically cause otherwise healthy people to have a heart attack or stroke.

The stakes are high, and those who caused the pandemic know their days are numbered.

The more that is revealed, the harder they try to cover up the truth, even if their cover-ups are painful and patently false.

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By Hunter Fielding
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19 days ago

WTF!!! Won’t listen to these fools anymore.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
19 days ago

Well,scratch the Mayo clinics off your list as sources of good health care! They’re now spreading racist lies as “medicine”.

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