CNN Sounds ‘Five Alarm Fire’ on Biden Presidency after Disastrous Press Conference

President Joe Biden is under fire for his handling of a Special Counsel report on his mishandling of classified documents that declined to recommend charges against him because a jury would find him too mentally unfit to convict him.

In an emergency press conference held Thursday night, a rarity for his administration, Biden tried to put out the firestorm caused by the Special Counsel’s revelations about his poor memory and lack of cognitive acuity.

Meanwhile, on CNN, the pundits were apparently given the green light to pour on heavy scrutiny of Joe Biden — an ominous sign for the Biden campaign.

“I don’t think the president did himself any favors in that speech. He undercut two of his biggest messages. The adults are back in charge by sort of being dismissive of, yes, he was exonerated,” Farrah Griffin misleadingly claimed.

The Special Counsel report declined to bring charges against Biden for a host of reasons, despite being a private citizen who “willfully” procured, stored and transmitted highly classified information in an illegal manner, but would likely be found non compos mentis by a jury. It should be noted it is not the Special Counsel’s job to consider defense tactics, but to adjudicate the law.

“He’s not going to be convicted or tried for this, but there’s some really damning pieces of information in here,” she continued. “He had deliberations around Afghan war plans with him. He spoke to a biographer about classified documents who didn’t have clearance. This showed a decent level of reckless mishandling of classified information…”

“He said that he didn’t,” Anderson Cooper interjected, repeating Biden’s false talking point.

“He said that he didn’t,” she agreed. “So I think there was a dismissiveness to the seriousness of this. And then on the other hand, they were using this bizarre line to say he stepped away from an international crisis, the biggest attack on our ally Israel since the Holocaust, to go deal with a self-inflicted investigation by the Department of Justice. How is that supposed to inspire confidence? I don’t know why he went back out. He already said most of this in Virginia today, but this is becoming a five alarm fire for the White House.”

Jeffrey Toobin of infamous zoom call fame chimed in: ““Mexico? Mexico? Where did that come from? I mean, that’s the only thing anyone is going to remember from this. He was exonerated here. And I think it’s an easy call that he was exonerated.”

Once again, the Special Counsel declined to press charges for reasons that do not have to do with Joe Biden’s clear violations of the law against mishandling classified documents.

“And I think legally, he’s never had a problem with this. Because the issue of criminal intent was quite clearly absent in the Biden case and certainly, according to the accusations, in the Jack Smith indictment, is very much present in the Trump case. I think they are very different and the report even spelled this out. But Mexico? I mean, politically, how do you explain that?” he rambled.

“If I may say, if we weren’t living in the Donald Trump era, where there’s 91 indictments and he woefully mishandled classified documents, and he didn’t cooperate with investigations, if this was 10 years ago, this would still be a huge story,” she continued.

Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents after he was vice president is far more egregious than former President Donald Trump’s storage of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, which was a secured location under Secret Service protection and which he was authorized to do under the Presidential Records Act.

By Melinda Davies
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Just me
Just me
19 days ago

Only a very small mind can go from “failing to press charges because of failing mental facilities” to “exonerated”. They are 2 very different things and not even in the same realm of clarity and reality.

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