WEF Pushing Global Famine for ‘Great Reset’ Agenda

Globalist elites in the World Economic Forum (WEF) are manufacturing a global famine crisis as part of the unelected organization’s “Great Reset” agenda.

With support from the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO), the push for famine would accelerate the WEF’s green agenda goals to “fight climate change.”

The message being pushed by the globalists is that the public will “own nothing and be starving” as the global power elites systematically set the stage for a purposeful famine that they are currently in the process of inducing.

In the Netherlands, for instance, the globalist-run government there is warning people that “because of climate change, poor harvests, armed conflicts, and population growth, the danger of famine is increasing.”

The truth, though, is that the government’s own anti-farming policies, which are being implemented in the name of fighting climate change, are bringing about said famine.

The idea that countries are just going to “run out of food” due to global warming is preposterous.

There are obviously other factors at play that are being done on purpose to make countries run out of food so that their populations starve.

“Many countries including Canada, Germany, and Sri Lanka are following a similar agenda to undermine the agricultural sector by reducing nitrogen in the environment by at least 30 percent,” one report explains about the matter.

“Joshua Phillip, an investigative reporter and recognized expert on asymmetrical hybrid warfare, says ‘the nitrogen reduction policies and chemical fertilizer trends in the majority of countries around the world will lead to food shortages, like what happened in Sri Lanka recently.'”

In case you missed it, Sri Lanka banned the importation of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides back in the spring of 2021 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Essentially “overnight,” Sri Lankan farmers were forced to convert to organic farming, which is not something that can happen that quickly.

As a result, food production across the nation collapsed and the economy plunged into a freefall.

Inflation hit 54.6 percent in Sri Lanka, sending the country down a path toward bankruptcy.

“Nine in 10 Sri Lankan families are skipping meals, and many are standing in line for days in the hope of acquiring fuel,” one report said.

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“The agrochemical ban caused rice production to drop 20 percent in the six months after it was implemented, causing a country that had been self-sufficient in rice production to spend $450 million on rice imports – much more than the $400 million that would’ve been saved by banning fertilizer imports.”

“The production of tea, Sri Lanka’s literal cash crop – it’s the country’s biggest export – fell by 18 percent.

“The government has had to spend hundreds of millions on subsidies and compensation to farmers in an effort to make up for the loss of productivity.”

The true agenda behind all this is not to “save the planet” from climate change or even to limit the amount of chemicals being dumped all over food crops.

The goal is to make it impossible for the current global population to live due to an induced lack of food through an engineered famine.

While it is absolutely a good idea for farming practices to shift over time to organic methods, to force it overnight as the United Nations (UN) and other globalist bodies are doing in places like Sri Lanka is a surefire way to induce a global genocide once all the food runs out.

“Above all, the primary goal of the Great Reset is to restructure the entire world into a top-down dictatorship that is ruled by the global oligarchy,” reported Caldron Pool.

By Hunter Fielding
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9 months ago

The WEF is the main player of the New World Order. Anyone and everyone that’s part of it are Schwabs minions placed strategically in places of various power. They are about the Fourth Reich. Called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it blows me away how blinded people are to the evil they’re perpetuating on the world. If you believe it’s not true, you’ll soon find out. You won’t need convincing. All crisis is manufactured to achieve their goals. The jab is altering the red blood cells. The graphene oxide and hydrogel injected has live nanotechnology that also behaves as a transistor, not only to 5G but other technologies we’re unaware of right now. I encourage anyone that might read this to get on Substack. Please read Dr. Ana and the other previously censored doctors and scientists that are exposing this evil. The NWO believes the population should only be about 500M worldwide. Read the Georgia Stones and read the WEF goals to reach by 2030. None are attainable by normal means. Wake up! Sound crazy? Doesn’t matter. It’s all happening and more. Not prepared for a long term survival event? Get that way.

9 months ago
Reply to  Joey

The problem isn’t caused by the potential or previous victims – it’s the so-called ‘leaders’ of the nations – leading us willingly into the hands of these parasites – and the USA voluntarily joined the fray recently along with about 12 others, including Germany. Don’t blame me – while the country was swooning over the first black prez, I didn’t vote for Bush, Obama OR Biden.

9 months ago

These unelected, non-scientific, non-economic ‘specialists’ need to STFU. Their version of The Great Depression is getting irritating because everyone knows they don’t know what they’re talking about, nobody believes a word that falls from their pie-holes, and all they really want, is world control – which is obvious to everyone.

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