Geraldo Kisses Up to ‘The View’ Hosts, Blames Dispute with Gutfeld or Watters for His Removal from ‘The Five’

After parting ways with Fox News, Geraldo Rivera made an appearance on “The View” this Thursday. During his time on “The View,” Rivera blamed a feud with one of the other male cohosts for his departure.

Joy Behar pressed Rivera about how he left Fox News. Rivera explained he was fired from “The Five” and that he had a very “toxic relationship with one of the cast members”. Sunny Hostin asked, “Which one?” Rivera declined to say anything other than it was one of the male cohosts.

Rivera then explained, “So I got a call from two of the female executives, and they said, ‘You’re off “The Five,” but there are plenty of other things you could do. I had a year and a half left on my contract. And I said, ‘Well, stop it. If you fire me from the No. 1 show, then I’m going to quit.’ And that’s basically what happened.”

He delved more into how the disputes between him and the other host were handled.  “I thought that it was very unfair, he complained. “That I was not judged objectively in our disputes, but rather he was always favored. And I was the one — I was suspended, you know, three times. I had two, three appearances scheduled weekly, then biweekly, then monthly, then they kind of disappeared.”

You can see Rivera detail his side of his departure in the tweet below:

“After being fired from Fox News’ ‘The Five,’ @GeraldoRivera tells #TheView exclusively he left the network because his “ideology does not fit Fox.” “If you fired me from the number one [Fox News] show, then I’m going to quit,” he says he told executives.”

We are speculating that the feud Rivera referenced was between him and his former cohost Greg Gutfeld. Rivera had been brought in to replace Juan Williams who was booted from “The Five” after feuding with Gutfeld as well.

It seems of late that the feud between Gutfeld and Rivera may have escalated after Fox News took Tucker Carlson off the air. This is only our speculation but we have covered many of the blowups between Gutfeld and Rivera.

Rivera claims he is retiring, but we will see as he also will be on tonight with Chris Cuomo and seems to be making the rounds since his departure from Fox News.

By Liam Donovan
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