Three Apparent Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Idaho Near Target Store with Over $2500 in Stolen Goods

Three people were arrested near Boise, Idaho in the area of a Target store among other department stores. The press release states that all three suspects have US Immigration Holds. Madalina-Roxanna Nicolae, 25, Daniela Nistor, 23, and Elvis Constantin, 31, were apprehended as part of a joint operation between the metropolitan cities of Boise and Nampa in Idaho.

The release says the suspects don’t have known residences in any local city in addition to the immigration detainer, adding credibility to the likelihood that they are here illegally. It’s important to note that we are speculating to some degree although all signs point to this being the case.

In some left leaning cities and states, localities don’t work with ICE when there is an immigration hold, such as “sanctuary cities”, but it’s unlikely that is the case in this situation. Idaho does not have sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, however, it does have second amendment sanctuary cities. That doesn’t mean the suspects will be deported necessarily, however. This story will be updated if newer information comes forward.

“*** Press Release ***

Traveling Retail Theft Trio Arrested in Nampa

On July 11, 2023, Nampa Police Detectives received a message from the Boise Police Department alerting officers to a retail theft ring in the Treasure Valley area. On the same day, a Nampa Police Detective was at a local department store in the 16000 block of N. Marketplace Blvd for follow-up on an unrelated call when he noticed two adult females in the store parking lot who matched the description from that message. Other Nampa Officers were called to the scene to assist, and the detective contacted the store’s loss prevention unit.

After a short period of time, the two females exited the store with unpaid merchandise that the loss prevention employee witnessed them take. When the detective approached the two females, he saw a van leaving the area and recognized it was also part of the Boise PD theft alert. The detective notified Nampa Police patrol officers, who stopped the suspect vehicle and detained the driver.

All three individuals were arrested. Officers located more than 40 stolen items concealed in a hidden homemade sack system under the outer clothing of each of the females. The total combined value of the stolen items exceeded $2,500.00.

These are the three individuals that were arrested and transported to Canyon County Jail:

Nicolae, Madalina-Roxanna, 25 years of age, unknown address/town, was charged with burglary, I18-1401; possession of burglary tools, I18-1406; grand theft x2; I18-2403 (F); U.S. Immigration hold

Nistor, Daniela, 23 years of age, unknown address/town, was charged with burglary, I18-1401; possession of burglary tools, I18-1406; grand theft x2; I18-2403 (F); U.S. Immigration hold

Constantin, Elvis, 31 years of age, unknown address/town, was charged with aid and abet grand theft, I18-2403-1-F-AB; Burglary, I18-1401; aid and abet burglary, I18-1401 (AB); grand theft, I18-2403 (F); U.S. Immigration hold

Boise Police Detectives were notified and responded to Nampa to assist in the investigation and arrest. Boise PD has since charged the trio with more than 30 additional felonies. We are working together in this on-going investigation.”

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Nampa PD tweeted a shortened version of the full press release also posted to Facebook:

By Liam Donovan
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