House Rep. Confirms ‘Foreign National’ Behind Suspected Biden Bribery Scheme, Hunter Biden Illegally Lobbied for Visa

Hunter Biden and his associates made efforts to secure a U.S. visa for Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma, shortly after Biden joined the Ukrainian energy company’s board.

These emails, found in Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop archive, reveal a coordinated attempt to obtain the visa while Zlochevsky was under investigation by Ukrainian authorities for corruption, the Daily Caller reported on Thursday.

The emails indicate that Hunter Biden and his associates may have engaged in activities that require registration as lobbyists, with potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). A FARA expert who examined the emails noted the possibility of such violations occurring outside of the email exchanges.

Between 2014 and 2016, Hunter Biden collaborated with former Burisma board member Devon Archer, Rosemont Seneca adviser Eric Schwerin, former Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP Partner Heather King, and other business associates to assist Mykola Zlochevsky with his visa reapplication after his visa was revoked by the State Department in 2014.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) confirmed that Zlochevsky is the “foreign national” involved in an alleged bribery scheme with President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Greene, who viewed a redacted FBI FD-1023 form, stated that the redacted name was linked to Burisma. The form reportedly detailed how Zlochevsky discussed a $10 million bribe to the Bidens with an informant.

The emails reveal that Hunter Biden and his partners communicated with Vadim Pozharskyi, a Burisma board member who acted as a conduit for Zlochevsky, regarding Zlochevsky’s U.S. visa application. Pozharskyi referred to Zlochevsky as “Nikolay” in these correspondences. Heather King also contacted the U.S. State Department and the Ukrainian Embassy to inquire about Zlochevsky’s visa status.

Pozharskyi confirmed that Zlochevsky was “totally in line” with King’s recommendations and mentioned engaging in joint conversations with Hunter Biden. King recommended a public relations firm, an investigative research firm, and a lobbyist to work on the visa application, as she would have to register as a lobbyist if she pursued it independently.

The emails also show that Hunter Biden discussed working on Zlochevsky’s behalf and suggested using the media to portray him positively. Meanwhile, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) charged Zlochevsky and his associates in 2020 for an alleged attempt to send $6 million in bribes to halt the investigation.

The investigation into Zlochevsky’s corruption case involved several changes in leadership within the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO). Vitaly Yarema initially prosecuted the case but left shortly after a U.K. criminal court’s decision. Yarema was accused of colluding with Zlochevsky by former Ukrainian MP Sergey Leshchenko and former deputy prosecutors.

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Viktor Shokin replaced Yarema and was later accused of corruption by Western officials and Ukrainian activists, including then-Vice President Joe Biden. Biden used a $1 billion loan guarantee as leverage to push for Shokin’s removal, citing alleged corruption concerns.  Shokin was replaced by Yuriy Lutsenko, who cleared Zlochevsky and Burisma of criminal charges.

The House Oversight Committee, chaired by Republican Representative James Comer, has stated that the FBI is actively investigating the bribery allegations. The committee’s investigation also includes Zlochevsky’s visa-related correspondence as part of a broader examination of Burisma’s business dealings and the potential abuse of power by Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) charged Hunter Biden with a felony gun charge and two tax avoidance misdemeanors in June. He pleaded guilty to these charges but still faces an ongoing investigation. An IRS whistleblower, Gary Shapley, accused the Biden-appointed U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia of neglecting potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act in 2014 and 2015.

Joe Biden has dismissed the bribery allegations as “malarkey” and downplayed questions about the FBI document. Hunter Biden’s lawyer, his business associates, and relevant government entities have not provided comments or responses to inquiries about the matter.

Devon Archer, one of Hunter Biden’s associates, was sentenced to one year in prison in February 2022 for defrauding a Native American tribal entity. His appeal was rejected in March 2023.

By Melinda Davies
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