Tucker Carlson Confronts Asa Hutchinson Over His Support for Parents Who are Gender Transitioning Their Children

At the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Friday, Tucker Carlson sat down with many GOP presidential hopefuls. Former Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson was one of them. Carlson confronted Hutchinson over a bill he vetoed in 2021 that would have blocked children from gender transitions.

Hutchinson replied and attempted to explain why he vetoed the bill. “It was unconstitutional. It interfered with parents and so I sided with parents on that bill in managing the most sensitive issue that a parent can face. And I believe in a limited role of government.”

Hutchinson claimed he supports the parent’s right to choose. Carlson continued to press Hutchinson who tried to move away from the topic with, “Tucker, I hope that you will be able to talk about some issues.”

Carlson replied, “Well, this is one of the biggest issues in the country and I think I would, every person in this room would agree.”

During the conversation, Tucker stated, “These are children who are being altered permanently and you can defend that change if you’d like, but there is no debate about whether or not it’s permanent.”

“You said that children should be able to choose their gender and their parents should be able to affirm that and the state has no role in getting involved… You’re saying that a child shouldn’t be able to choose a bathroom but can choose his sex?”

Hutchinson again attempted to defend his stance.

You can see their back in forth below:

“NEW: Tucker Carlson calls out RINO Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson to his face for supporting gender transitioning children. Tucker is putting everyone on blast…”

The conversation then took a turn and Carlson asked the former governor, “How many COVID shots did you take? and how do you feel about it now?” Hutchinson declined to answer and instead returned the question to Carlson “How many COVID shots did you take?”

Carlson replied quickly, “Zero.” Carlson went on to say the way that COVID was handled opened to door to that question. Many that were in charge during the height of the COVID pandemic pressed their constituents to get one of the COVID vaccines.

Carlson wanted to know what Hutchinson thought about it all now in hindsight. This line of questioning clearly made Hutchinson uncomfortable.

The pair had previously had it out over Hutchinson’s veto of the bill which would have blocked minors from gender transitions in April 2021.

By Liam Donovan
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8 months ago

I’m just wondering where this issue of children not being happy with their genitals stemmed from originally because it feels like a total distraction away from important matters like the future of this entire country, yet the media, schools, and the government focus on this bull. It’s widely accepted that this is a mental, not physical, issue and to give kids the right to enforce permanent surgery on themselves because it’s the popular thing to do today, is ludicrous.

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