As the DeSantis Campaign Flops, Elon Musk Signals Support for a Trump Presidency to ‘Get Revenge on the Government’: ‘Based’

Tesla and Twitter owner Elon Musk has recently seen the light. Previously, or so he claims, he had voted Democrat. However, more recently, Musk said he was tired of the Democrat “hive mind virus” and might support a Ron DeSantis for president.

Although Musk has unbanned former President Donald Trump from Twitter, the two haven’t exactly been best chum. As the Democrat’s continue their woke death spiral however, Musk signaled for the first time today that he might even support a future President Trump.

This is major news and will send liberals into a rabid fury. A recent ABC news hit piece against Donald Trump was titled “Trump’s unprecedented campaign pitch: Elect me to get revenge on the government”.

As is often with the left and their slanted “mainstream” headlines, the spin backfired on them, with many on Twitter saying what really amounts to “that’s quite ok with me”. Musk was one of those people.

“Based” he responded to a viral image of the hit piece.

It’s too soon to say for sure if Musk is a Trump for president supporter. Ron DeSantis has been dropping like a rock in the polls however. Some event believe Vivek Ramaswamy may surpass the lame duck Florida governor…

Musk has shown evidence of the Biden administration pushing Twitter to censor conservatives and has taken a lot of heat for exposing them. This may be why he has shifted further right, for being attacked by the government simply for supporting free speech with his wealth.

By Liam Donovan
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