Greg Gutfeld Mocks Geraldo Rivera’s Appearance on The View, ‘I’d like to Report a Murder’

After being fired from “The Five” and ultimately leaving Fox News, Geraldo Rivera made an appearance on “The View” to air some of his grievances.

Greg Gutfeld, who has had it out with Rivera numerous times while the pair were on “The Five” together made light of Rivera’s appearance on “The View”.

Gutfeld opened his late-night show with, “First, let’s go to ‘The View’… where I’d like to report a murder.” A clip from ‘The View’ played of Rivera in which he explained that he was fired from “The Five” over a “very toxic relationship”. It goes to another clip where Rivera is complaining about how his feud with a cohost was handled, he believed it wasn’t fair how he was treated.

Gutfeld, who has feuded with Rivera raised his eyebrows, “Hmmm.”

“Poor thing. In lieu of flowers, we sent up a GoFundMe page to get him a barber. But I credit The View for finally finding a guest with a bigger mustache than their panelists. They’re a hairy bunch,” he joked.

Gutfeld and Rivera have had explosive arguments on “The Five” as well as on Twitter over various topics. Rivera was brought in to replace Juan Williams who was let go after what many have speculated was for having it out with Gutfeld. It seems ironic that Raivera appears to have been let go for the same reason.

We will see who replaces Rivera on “The Five” and how they will get along with Gutfeld and the rest of the conservative panelists.

By Liam Donovan
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