Tucker Carlson Book Author Blocked on Twitter by Greg Gutfeld, ‘Definitely not on Tonight’s Show…’

As Tucker Carlson plans out his new Twitter show and gears up for a possible legal battle with Fox News, Greg Gutfeld has been drawn into the undercurrent. Gutfeld, in our opinion, still likes Tucker Carlson.

However, with Carlson’s recent departure from Fox News, he’s in a tough spot.

Earlier we reported about how Chadwick Moore, an author of a Tucker Carlson book, claims he is banned from Fox News and by default, had his appearance on Gutfeld canceled.

It appears Moore isn’t happy about this and somehow figured a way to get himself blocked on Twitter by Gutfeld:

“I guess I’m definitely not on tonight’s show lol. Wow.”

It has been rumored that mentioning Tucker Carlson on Fox News is now discouraged. Moore also says his book is banned from being promoted:

“I’m very pleased that thanks to my tweets Fox has reversed its recent decision to not publicize non-News Corp books. Fox did the right thing here. A tremendous victory for all of us struggling authors! (Any mention of “Tucker” the book is probably still banned tho.)”

After the painful Dominion lawsuit, Fox News is probably also in a tough spot. This won’t appease angry Carlson fans however. It’ll be interesting to see if any mention pops up in tonight’s Gutfeld for those watching.

By Hunter Fielding
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