Anti-Trump Singer Bruce Springsteen Falls on Stage

Bruce Springsteen tumbled while maneuvering his way around the stage at a recent concert in the Netherlands.

Springsteen and the E Street Band were just starting “Ghosts” when he fell as he attempted to walk up some stairs on the stage. Fans gasped as the “Glory Days” singer tripped and fell to the stage floor with a guitar around his neck.

Springsteen lay on the stage as the stagehands and band members rushed to help him up. As he got to his feet, he cut the tension, joking that it was the end of the show and shouted “Goodnight everybody”.

Seemingly unfazed, the concert continued on.

“Bruce Springsteen took a nasty fall during a concert in Amsterdam on Saturday but was able to finish the rest of the concert.”

Comments carried on the video from praising him for finishing the concert to claiming he was doing a Joe Biden impression.

Springsteen will continue on his world tour and will be back in the United States to perform later this summer.

Read more about Springsteen here.

By Hunter Fielding
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