Project Veritas is Suing its Founder James O’Keefe

Twitter user @amuse shared the news that Project Veritas has filed a lawsuit against its founder James O’Keefe. This comes after O’Keefe left the company after a dramatic falling out.

@amuse tweeted, “BREAKING: Project Veritas is suing its founder. They claim they never fired @JamesOKeefeIII and that he is in violation of his employment agreement by starting a new company – this is despite the fact that PV stopped paying him.”

“INJUNCTION: Project Veritas is asking a federal judge to prevent @JamesOKeefeIII from working. Despite not paying James they argue in their lawsuit that James shouldn’t be allowed to work and his company shutdown. Read their full lawsuit here:”

@amuse read over the lawsuit and tweeted some counterarguments to some of the claims in it.

“TERMINATION: When Project Veritas stopped paying @JamesOKeefeIII they violated BOTH his employment agreement and federal and state labor laws. This created a hostile work environment AND constituted constructive termination.”

“It is a violation of BOTH federal and New York State law not to pay an employee. Project Veritas claims in its lawsuit that @JamesOKeefeIII was never fired (they just stopped paying him) and as a result, he owed them various duties and loyalties. Someone call the NYSDOL and DOL.”

@amuse belives the only reason for the lawsuit is to keep O’Keefe silent.

“• Why was James removed from Project Veritas? To silence him. • Why did Project Veritas stop paying James? To silence him. • Why does Project Veritas claim they didn’t fire James? To silence him. Project Veritas is using a novel legal theory that James should not be allowed to work as a reporter or start a new company because they claim he still works for them. He was fired on February 10th and received his last paycheck on the 20th. He swallowed his pride and resumed his work as an investigative reporter for a new company he created called OMG. Now Project Veritas is asking a federal judge to bar him from working as a journalist and to shut down OMG. Why? To silence him. Ask yourself why someone would go to these lengths to silence

@JamesOKeefeIII . Why? Who is pulling the strings at Project Veritas?”

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Many saw James O’Keefe as the face of Project Veritas. Without O’Keefe it appears that Project Veritas is at a loss, while they state they are continuing the work O’Keefe, started they no longer have the public face.

The lawsuit claims that O’Keefe has caused Project Veritas “serious and significant damage.” Project Veritas is suing O’Keefe for breach of contract, violation of defend trade secrets act, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of loyalty of duty as well.

The seventy-page lawsuit can be seen here.

We will see what comes next in this developing issue.

By Hunter Fielding
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