Top Doctor Blows Whistle: Vaxxed Are Developing AIDS

A world-renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist has blown the whistle, revealing that staggering numbers of vaccinated people around the world are now being diagnosed HIV positive.

During a recent interview, Dr. Peter McCullough warned that a grand total of nine peer-reviewed studies have recently warned that the experimental Covid mRNA vaccines are causing a huge spike in the number of positive HIV tests in heavily vaccinated countries around the world.

But McCullough clarified that the jabs do not give people HIV – the situation for the vaccinated is actually worse than even that.

As McCullough explained, the positive HIV diagnoses are actually caused by the vaccinated suffering extreme immunodeficiency.

You would think the mainstream media would accept this as a sign there is something very wrong with the Covid mRNA roll-out.

But rather than report on the nine peer-reviewed medical research articles, which were all published in prestigious journals, the mainstream media is attempting to sweep the information about mRNA under the carpet and continue the great cover-up of this crime against humanity.

McCullough explained that the positive tests after the mRNA injections are caused by people suffering from immunodeficiency.

The immune systems of vaccinated people are completely shot because the jabs cause a spike in vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or VAIDS.

This in turn causes people to test positive for the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, which as you are no doubt aware, develops into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, more commonly known as full-blown AIDS.

Nine peer-reviewed studies have proven that mRNA shots completely degrade the human immune system, to the point that vaccinated people in their droves are now testing positive for HIV.

But rather than admit the vaccines were a terrible and tragic mistake, the elite are doubling down, determined to degrade our immune systems even further.

Bill Gates is so excited by the carnage he has mRNA vaccines lined up for every possible malady you can possibly imagine.

At Davos last week, Gates was gloating to WEF elites about his new and lucrative range of poisons.

How did Gates get the regulators to approve his brand spanking new range of experimental mRNA vaccines for every conceivable ailment, including, coincidentally, HIV?

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The answer is that he funds the regulators, of course.

He also funds the mainstream media to ensure there is no critical coverage of his evil globalist agenda on the world stage.

Evidence regarding the crimes of the global elite is emerging every week and we are going to ensure he is held responsible for his part in the great deception.

Last month, scientists at Britain’s prestigious Cambridge University found that more than a quarter of people injected with mRNA Covid jabs suffered what they very diplomatically referred to as an “unintended immune response created by a glitch.”

A glitch caused “an unintended immune response” in 25% of the vaccinated?

Megyn Kelly divulged that she was one of the unlucky ones, being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease shortly after she took what she describes as “the damn booster.”

Obviously, the news that one in four vaccinated people now have VAIDS did not make it to the mainstream news – all of whom are all fully bought and paid for by Pfizer.

How many TV presenters must keel over in the studio before their mainstream audiences start to question the propaganda they are being fed by the auto-cue reading news hosts?

How many young and healthy people have to die of strokes, turbo cancer, and heart failure before the mainstream begins to wake up and smell the coffee?

How many super-fit professional athletes must have cardiac arrests on the field of play before people admit these incidents simply didn’t happen in the past?

By Hunter Fielding
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Cary Oke
Cary Oke
4 months ago

When are these murderers going to face justice. Everyone who received the vaccine needs to be compensated. Another side effect of the vaccine seems to be an induced belief that the vaccines are safe and effective. Incredible.

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