Shocking Dutch Cover-Up: They Knew About Vaccine Injuries and Hid the Data (VIDEO)

Explosive hacked data from the Dutch government shows that the E.U. Globalists went after the children.

Afterward, hundreds of vaccine injuries were reported all across the Netherlands and the EU.

Why didn’t we hear about it?

It turns out they hid the information and then covered up the data from the public and then more people were injured.

Dutch Freedom Fighters and Truth Seekers, former Dutch Parliamentarian and business entrepreneur Wybren van Haga, Businessman and Data expert Wouter Aukema, and Anne Merel Kloosterman who is representing many vaccine-injured join Redacted to share this story.


By Kate Stephenson
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Graham Booker
Graham Booker
15 days ago

Thanks to the internet the danger was there to be found if you searched for it, people were giving it out daily on certain social media platforms, I listened to every bit of information I could get hold of and I told people what I had learnt, most didn’t listen and took the batclap shot, even my Daughter and son in law took it twice because they are both carers and wanted to keep their jobs.
I will never forgive the governments for what they did.

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