Military’s Failure to Address Justice-Seeking Members Following ‘Unlawful’ Vaccine Mandate

Midway through 2024, members of the U.S. Armed Forces continue to demand answers regarding the thousands of denials of religious accommodation service members requested in response to the military’s controversial 2021 COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

One of them is Lt. Chad Coppin, who retired Monday after 22 years, three months, and five days in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Toward the end of his career, Coppin faced an uphill battle against the Department of Homeland Security’s enforcement of the now-rescinded mandate.

Like thousands of others across all branches of service, Coppin’s request for religious accommodation was initially denied.

In the months to follow, his appeal of the decision was also denied.

He found himself in the process of being discharged via an administrative separation board for refusing to comply with the mandate.

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By Kate Stephenson
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Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
16 days ago

Don’t hold your breath! The military and VA are both notoriously SLOW to acknowledge an error, let alone begin to correct it!

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