Ron DeSantis Losing in Ohio Against Donald Trump in Matchup Poll Against Joe Biden

Republican presidential candidates vs. Joe Biden polling in Ohio shows Trump beating Biden by 10 points while DeSantis beats Biden by only 2 points.

Jason Miller shared the poll results with, “ANOTHER state where Rob DeSanctimonious is staring at 3rd place”

Since publicly announcing his run for president, DeSantis has failed to gain traction in the polls. One poll even put him in a tie with businessman Vivek Ramaswamy. Some speculate DeSantis could soon fall to 3rd or 4th place at some point.

DeSantis has also fired more than 1/3rd of his campaign staff. His campaign has attempted to explain the move by calling it a reboot.

Many DeSantis donors have expressed their disappointment with DeSantis’s performance so far. Former Gov. of Maryland Larry Hogan slammed DeSantis’s campaign calling it “one of the worst”.

Trump maintains a healthy lead in the polls against an ever-growing field of candidates. DeSantis constantly polls in second quite a distance below the former president.

DeSantis is now trying his hand at attacking the former president for his age in what appears to be an attempt to mimic Trump.

Iowa will caucus in January to decide who they want as the Republican nominee depening on how DeSantis does many speuclate it could be the end of his campaign.

By Liam Donovan
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