Randy Quaid Sticks by Donald Trump Despite Apparent Sham Indictments, Says he’ll Win Again

Hollywood legend Randy Quaid is sticking by Donald Trump. Quaid shared on Twitter/X:

“Trump is so gonna win won’t even be close he may win by even more than in 2020 no way did Brandon win no way.”

The polls show that Quaid isn’t alone. While the DOJ continues its seemingly endless pursuit of former President Trump, he continues to dominate the polls. Trump’s lead hasn’t been touched, and while the other contenders are moving around in the polling, Trump only seems to gain.

Friday, John Fredericks asked Trump if a conviction would end his campaign. Trump responded “Not at all.”

He then noted, “There’s nothing in the Constitution to say that it could, even the radical left crazies are saying no that wouldn’t stop. It wouldn’t stop me either.”

Trump then added that the American people know how to put his legal issues in perspective. “First of all, the public is very smart. They know it. They study it. This isn’t like he held a gun in plain view and shot someone or he robbed a bank and got caught.”

Trump has been very clear, he will not stop his campaign if he can help it. He wants to finish what he started in his first term as president. As he states over and over again, he is fighting for the American people

If polls are any indication it seems quite possible that we will see Trump back in the White House.

By Liam Donovan
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