Leo ‘2.0’ Terrell Wants Kevin McCarthy to Stop Bloviating: ‘Shut up and start impeachment proceedings!’

Leo Terrell called out Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy on Twitter/X after McCarthy attacked Democrats and their “out-of-control spending”

“Shut up and start impeachment proceedings!”

House Republicans have been digging into the Biden family and alleged criminal activity perpetrated abroad. Many GOP members have touted the mountain of evidence they have collected and how they want to show the American people.

While this is all enlightening, many want to see action from the Republican-led House. Just today Maria Bartiromo asked Nancy Mace for a timeline on the impeachment of Joe Biden.

Mace declined to answer and only declared an impeachment inquiry would give them more leverage in their investigations.

Like Terrell, many are ready to see decisive action from the speaker of the house. While McCarthy has said it is on the table, no map or timeline has been given in relation to an impeachment.

This week provided what many feel was a win for American justice when Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal fell apart at the last minute. The Trump-appointed judge refused to “rubberstamp” the deal that proposed to immunize Hunter from future charges released to an ongoing investigation. Some think the latest charges against Trump regarding Mar-a-Lago documents are retaliation for Hunter’s accountability.

While many feel that the DOJ has targeted former President Trump while suppressing investigations into the Biden family there are some within the Judicial system who will clearly stand up against the bias.

McCarthy and the rest of the House Republicans will face more pressure from the American public as their investigations continue with no impeachment.

By Liam Donovan
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