Rachel Maddow Gives Up Game, ‘Wonders’ If DOJ Would Drop Charges If Trump Quits Presidential Race

The host of The Grayzone News Aaron Mate shared a clip of Rachel Maddow in which she wonders out loud if the DOJ would drop the case if Trump agreed to never run “for office again.”

Mate tweeted, “rump-Russia conspiracy theorist @Maddow says “you have to wonder” if the DOJ would drop Trump’s case in exchange for him never “running for office again.” @Lawrence reminds her that this is exactly what Trump accuses the DOJ of trying to achieve.

This isn’t the first time Maddow has speculated that if only Trump would go away so would the pursuit to get him. Mate shared another clip from 2019 in which Maddow suggests that Trump should “offer to trade away his resignation” to avoid charges related to payments to Stormy Daniels.

Mate tweeted, “This isn’t a new idea for Maddow. In February 2019, she floated the possibility that Trump will “offer to trade away his resignation” as President to avoid charges over hush money payments to Stormy Daniels”

He also shared a clip in which Lawrence O’Donnell claimed he was told by a source that Trump had cosigners on a loan with Deutsche Bank that were Russian oligarchs. O’Donnell was forced to admit that was false information the next day.

Mate tweeted, “This pair’s track record in covering Trump also includes the time when @lawrence declared that Russian oligarchs had signed Trump’s bank loans. He was forced to retract this the following day.”

Maddow truly believes that if Trump just agreed to go away so would all of the investigations and charges. O’Donnell’s admittance that this is what the DOJ wants only feeds into the assertion that America is looking like a banana republic.

By Hunter Fielding
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