Elon Musk Slams Stephen King for Claiming Trump May Go to Jail

In response to a tweet today from Stephen King, Elon Musk decimated the horror author after he said that he’s started to believe that former President and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump may really go to jail.

King made the claim after a pair of tweets that mocked Trump supporters for defending the former president and added that he thinks Trump deserves to be locked up.

“I’ve started to believe that Donald Trump may really go to jail. God knows he deserves to,” King declared in the tweet.

In response, Musk told him, “Almost everyone would agree that no one is above the law, but it must be applied equally.”

“Differential pursuit of justice undermines public faith in the system,” Musk explained.



King had previously said in a quote tweet of a meme shared by actor Kevin Sorbo, “Trump did this to himself. His arrogance and narcissism brought him down. Biden had nothing to do with it.”



In another quote tweet from yesterday, King mocked conservative commentator Dan Bongino as he jested, “Wah-wah-wah. Trump did it to himself.”

Bongino had shared a screenshot of part 1 of Trump’s announcement about the indictment and said, “We live in a police state run by liberal filth.”

“There’s absolutely no disputing this fact. The liberal filth running this country right now will burn this place, and its institutions, to the ground to preserve the corrupt garbage running this country” Bongino insisted.

Bongino concluded, “Every Republican candidate for office MUST commit to a thorough house cleaning.”

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By Hunter Fielding
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