Opinion: Chris Christie Wants a Cabinet Position in DeSantis Administration, Isn’t Seriously Running for President

In our opinion, Chris Christie has launched his 2024 campaign because he is interested in a cabinet position in a potential Ron DeSantis administration.

But it’s highly unlikely that DeSantis will win the Republican nomination for president.

Christie, a former governor of New Jersey and a former close ally of former President Donald Trump, has been seen as a potential contender for vice president or secretary of state in a DeSantis administration.

However, DeSantis is facing a crowded field of Republican candidates, and it’s unclear if he will be able to win the nomination against Trump, who is miles ahead in the polls.

Even if DeSantis does win the nomination, it’s still unlikely that he will win the general election in the eyes of many.

The Democrats are likely to continue with their ballot harvesting and push Joe Biden to do whatever the establishment wants.

Given the long odds of a DeSantis presidency, it’s more likely that Christie is simply positioning himself for a cabinet position in a future Republican administration.

Christie has a long history of public service, and probably thinks he would be a valuable asset to any administration, although it’s unlikely a Trump administration will even hire him for dog catcher.

Some Trump supporters are skeptical of Christie’s motives.

They believe that Christie is only interested in a cabinet position because he wants to cash in on his spite for Trump.

They also believe that Christie is not a true conservative and that he would be a liability in a Republican administration.

Only time will tell if Christie will get his potential wish of a cabinet position in a DeSantis administration, assuming he doesn’t win the GOP nod (LOL).

However, it’s clear that Christie is not seriously running for president. He is simply positioning himself for a future role in government.

Here are some additional thoughts from our perspective:

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  • Christie used to be a talented politician, but he is also a bit of a loose cannon. He has a history of making controversial statements, and he is not always easy to work with.
  • DeSantis is a rising star in the Republican Party, but he is still relatively inexperienced. He would need a strong team of advisers around him to be successful in the White House.
  • The Democrats are likely to nominate a weak candidate in 2024 if it’s not Biden. It will be an uphill battle for any Republican to win the White House anyway, due to demographics and ballot harvesting.

Overall, it is unlikely that Chris Christie will be a major player in the 2024 presidential election.

However, he could still play a role in a future Republican administration.

By Hunter Fielding
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11 months ago

Christie is a hack. His politucal career is over.

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