Fox News’ John Roberts in Hot Water for Mocking Chris Christie’s Weight, Issues Apology

John Roberts of Fox News is in a big wide mug of proverbial hot boiling water. You see, Roberts forgot that Fox News, in the opinion of many, has been sliding slightly leftward.

Although we can’t say for sure, that may mean that you can not make jokes on Fox News that perhaps you may once have been allowed to make. For example, Chris Christie, who is now running for president again, is purportedly to be the sole Donald Trump agitator.

That is to say that he will take a hands on approach to attacking former President Trump that is unlike the style of other presidential hopefuls such as “Nikki” Nimrata Haley, Tim Scott, and Ron “meatball” (not an official nickname) DeSantis. Robert’s apparently implied that Christie might be slightly overweight.

We will neither confirm or deny our opinion on that, as that would be “fat shaming” which Roberts, a Fox News employee, should know better than to do. The Hill detailed where it all first went wrong on a Tuesday newscast. Roberts was discussing Christie’s addition to the presidential race and The Hill said in part:

Roberts continued, saying “and the other milkshake, which represents the non-Donald Trump part of the Republican Party, has how many straws in it now? And now we’re gonna have Chris Christie’s straw in there, and judging by Chris Christie’s physical stature, he could drink a lot of that milkshake if he wanted to. But you’re not affecting the Donald Trump milkshake, you’re just affecting the other part.” 

Then came the apology:

I just want to take a moment to address something, because I really do feel terrible about it,” said Roberts. “Earlier on the show, I was making an analogy to describe the Republican voter pool, and I made a comment that I meant to be light-hearted, but immediately realized was hurtful toward Governor Chris Christie. I should not have said what I said. I deeply regret it and I sincerely apologize to the governor.”

After Tucker Carlson and others have been let go recently from Fox News, many may be walking on pins and needles. Ratings are down and troubles are up.

By Hunter Fielding
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