Reporter Confronts Rachel Maddow over Coverage of the Steele Dossier ‘Which Has Proven to Be a Lie’

Journalist Max Blumenthal confronted Rachel Maddow at TruCon. He rushed up to the stage where she was giving her speech and asked her “Can you explain why you promoted the Steele Dossier which has proven to be a lie?”

As he asked her the question, Maddow bent down and squinted to read his badge. She stayed quiet and Blumenthal was escorted out of the conference by security.

Citizen Free Press shared:

“Max Blumenthal confronts Rachel Maddow: “This speech is boring and paranoid. Can you explain why you promoted the Steele Dossier which has proven to be a lie?”

Blumenthal shared the interaction on Twitter as well as a video of Maddow’s response after he was escorted from the room.

“Here’s @maddow’s characteristically smug, elitist response to being questioned for the first time on the monstrous, comprehensively discredited Russiagate lies she told night after night to millions of Americans: “Coming to a Substack newsletter near you.”

Blumenthal discussed his confrontation with Maddow on his podcast “The Grayzone”. You can see the full podcast at the end of the article.

Maddow pushed what many have called “Russia-gate” on her show as much as her audience could stomach her false theories in the eyes of many.

When the Durham report was released to the public in May, it found that the FBI and DOJ “failed to uphold its mission”. John Durham found that the Crossfire Hurricane investigation “did not and could not corroborate any of the substantive allegations,” it that it should not have been launched.

Maddow downplayed the findings of the Durham report, calling them “underwhelming”. She instead highlighted the time and money spent. She also claimed that it was just a rehash of what “we already knew”. She dismissed the report and claimed that the FBI and DOJ didn’t do anything wrong by her analysis.

Maddow doesn’t appear to be one who can admit when she got it wrong. The smug reporting she had done over the years smearing former President Donald Trump and other conservatives, we can only assume, will go on.

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By Hunter Fielding
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