Mike Lee’s Personal Twitter Back up After Elon Musk Admits it was Accidentally Flagged and Suspended for Being an ‘Impersonator’

U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) had his personal Twitter account flagged and suspended earlier today apparently. Initially the usual people complained about how Elon Musk’s Twitter is no better than Parag Agrawal’s or Jack Dorsey’s.

While it’s not perfect, it’s definitely not the same. Despite that, errors and unfair suspensions do still appear in our view to occasionally occur.

Unfortunately for smaller accounts who get unfairly suspended, it’s usually easier for a bit account or a political figure to get Elon Musk’s attention and fix the problem faster. Here’s what Lee said earlier today:

“My personal Twitter account – @BasedMikeLee – has been suspended. Twitter did not alert me ahead of time, nor have they yet offered an explanation for the suspension. My team and I are seeking answers.”

Twitter “comedian” Catturd quote tweeted:

“This is a sitting (Republican, of course) Senator @elonmusk

Musk jokingly responded when he finally got around to fixing things:

“His personal account (@BasedMikeLee) was incorrectly flagged as impersonation, which is not totally crazy, since it is based”

Lee then quote tweeted Musk in a jokingly happy manner:

“No cap! Bussin’—forreal, forreal. Thanks, @elonmusk. Time for this classic to make an appearance.”

There are still some smaller accounts who need to be unbanned and it’s unclear what ever happened to Musk’s amnesty plan which was to let almost all banned people get another chance unless they were spammers or doing things illegal.

By Hunter Fielding
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