Runner up in Chicago Mayoral Race Brandon Johnson’s Political Goal is to Defund Police

Brandon Johnson wants to be the next mayor of the city of Chicago. He has just made it to round two and will be facing off with Paul Vallas on April 4th.

While both are Democrats, Johnson is progressive while Vallas is more of a centrist.

In 2020 amid the cries for to “defund the police,” Johnson said it was in fact for him a political goal. Murders and crimes have only spiraled in the city of Chicago since then. Johnson seems to be trying to take somewhat of a step back from his previous comments and crime seems to be high on the ballot.

While on the “The Sanitia Jackson Show” in 2020 Johnson criticized President Barack Obama for characterizing defund the police as a “snappy slogan”.

Johnson said, “I don’t look at it as a slogan. It’s an actual real political goal.”

Lori Lightfoot even took shots at Johnson for his defund the police comments. Johnson responded calling her desperate for bringing it up.

Johnson has since said he wants to maintain the Chicago Police Department budget, quite a far cry from his position in 2020.

Twitter user @CPD1617Scanner shared video clips Johnson may try to downplay in the coming weeks.

“Reminder Brandon Johnson thought Looting was ok because the Businesses have insurance . Hear it for yourself in the video below . So in other words in a Chicago with Brandon Johnson in charge looting would be okay and more Businesses would simply just leave causing economy…”

“Part two of the Video . In this segment Brandon Johnson continues about Defunding the Police . And blamed the looting issues due to poverty so once again looting and defunding the police are all a go if Brandon Wins .”

It appears that Johson may be to the left of Lightfoot. We will see who Chicago decides to lead their city next.

By Hunter Fielding
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