Explosive New Footage of DNC Pipe Bomb Threat May Blow the Lid Off off the J6 Plot

According to video footage, the Secret Service and DC Metro Police completed their lunches before responding to the discovery of the “viable” explosive device by a person previously characterized as a “passerby.”

Blaze Media confirmed that the pipe bomb was found on January 6, 2021, at the Democratic National Committee offices in Washington, D.C. by a United States Capitol Police plainclothes officer.

Multiple congressional staffers involved with the inquiry confirm to Blaze Media that, after months of the FBI blocking congressional committees’ questions, they now know the identify of that person, who was previously simply labeled as a “passerby.”

At 1:05 p.m. on January 6, an unnamed individual approached a D.C. Metropolitan Police car parked in the DNC’s parking ramp driveway near South Capitol St., apparently to notify investigators that he had spotted what looked to be a pipe bomb.

In a video shared on Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie’s YouTube page, the man is seen initially chatting to an officer on the driver’s side of the police vehicle while dressed in dark clothing and carrying a bag.

Steve Baker, a Blaze Media host, then describes what transpires next.

“He then casually walks around to the car’s passenger side window, where he leans in to chat for several seconds,” Baker notes. “Again — in no apparent hurry — the person walks around to the driver’s side of an adjacently parked black Secret Service SUV for a conversation with that vehicle’s occupants. The SUV was parked only about 15-20 feet from the location of the alleged bomb.”

Baker discusses this unusual scene in a post on X.

“An unnamed @CapitolPolice source, who I’ve been working with for more than a year, just sent me this private message following his review of the latest on the J6 pipe bombs from @theblaze and @DarrenJBeattie with @RevolverNewsUSA: “EVERY SINGLE 10-100 (suspicious package) I’ve responded to or declared, I never saw my coworkers disregard their/other’s safety as I saw in that video… It’s really weird seeing everyone’s calm response to a possible pipe bomb right next to them, especially knowing the future VP is there.”

“Wow! Knowledge aforehand? Certainly smacks of a plot,” Kyle Becker remarked on X. “Remember: The Congress was evacuated during the ELECTION CHALLENGES because of the RNC/DNC pipe bomb threats and NOT the riot! It’s a critical missing link to unravel the entire J6 plot.”

Darren Beattie of Revolver News raises the specter of this very possibility.

“The Most Important January 6th Video You Have Never Heard About,” Revolver notes about the video. “Curiously enough, the Capitol did quietly release a damning short piece of footage that had gotten virtually no public attention, though it could very well be the breakthrough we need to definitively expose the phony January 6 ‘pipe bomb’ story once and for all.”

“The Capitol authorities were counting on no one knowing that this footage even exists, let alone understanding its significance, and put up tremendous resistance when Congressman Massie tried to make the footage public,” Revolver adds. “Ultimately, it took a direct call from Kevin McCarthy to break the stonewall (and one can only imagine how much pressure McCarthy must have been under to make that call!). Courtesy of Congressman Massie’s efforts, the footage is available below.”

Revolver, in a piece that has since been un-paywalled, describes the events with time-stamps.

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  • At 1:05:27, a man with a backpack walks into view in the bottom right corner of the screen and proceeds to chat with officers on the driver’s side of a Metro PD SUV. The black SUV is a Secret Service vehicle protecting then-Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, who was in the DNC building at the time (more on that later). The Metro PD vehicle was present as part of the Secret Service protection detail, as related to us by a high-level source. After some time, it appears that the backpack man is walking away from the driver’s seat window of the Metro PD vehicle, only to walk around to the passenger seat window and continue speaking with the Metro officers.
  • Then, at 1:06:10, the man with the backpack walks over to the black Secret Service SUV. He chats for about 20 seconds and then walks back up the sidewalk, back past the benches where the pipe bomb was placed, and out of view. Then, at 1:07:29, a metro officer gets out of the Metro PD car. This is over a minute after the backpack gentleman left the frame and over two minutes after the backpack gentleman first approached the metro PD car.
  • What is more remarkable than the fact that it took the Metro and Secret Service over two minutes to even bother getting out of their cars after being informed of a pipe bomb in the neighborhood is the astonishingly casual approach taken by these authorities in the minutes after the man with a backpack walks out of view of the camera. Reader, take a look if you would at the video from 1:07:27 to around 1:09:05 and note how casual and unperturbed both the Metro officers and Secret Service officers are, and ask yourself whether this is how you’d imagine the Secret Service would normally respond to a discovery of a bomb right outside the building housing their protectee, in this case vice president-elect Kamala Harris. Even if we assume that somehow the Secret Service and Metropolitan Police Department are wholly uninterested in the safety of their protectee, you would think they would at least get out of the vicinity for reasons of self-preservation. Quite the opposite—all of these officers are supremely comfortable standing and walking within spitting distance of the pipe bomb.
  • Then, at around 1:09:12, the security camera in question turns to the park benches and zooms into the location where the pipe bomb is present. This means that by this time, the man with a backpack’s information had reached whoever was manning the Capitol Police security camera at the time. Below is a screenshot depicting that timestamp.
  • The scene that begins at 1:09:35 ought to be sufficient to cause a national scandal in its own right. Here we see several more secret service officers coming out, again casually standing and walking within spitting distance of the pipe bomb. At 1:09:41, we see a group of children cross the street and walk directly in front of the benches where the bomb is still sitting. The secret service agents don’t think to warn these children at all, but instead themselves walk right by the bench as well, without a care in the world! You have to see it to believe it.
  • After children pass the pipe bomb without being warned at all, the Secret Service officers stand around for about a minute until a Capitol Police officer walks right up to the pipe bomb and takes a picture of it at 1:10:16, giving a thumbs-up sign to the Metro and Secret Service agents a bit further down the sidewalk.

Revolver News then raises a number of excellent questions.

A number of deeply puzzling and disturbing questions arise from the video above. The most obvious question is what could possibly account for the casual, lackadaisical, utterly unperturbed demeanor and behavior of the Secret Service and Metro PD officers in question upon being informed of an explosive device right outside the building in which their protectee is housed, and, for that matter, within feet of the agents themselves. To emphasize the seriousness with which the government takes pipe bombs as potential terror devices, it is worth noting that the government officially considers pipe bombs “weapons of mass destruction.”

It is hard to imagine what conditions could account for such a casual, unconcerned reaction on the part of the Secret Service. As pointed out above, even if they are the worst protection detail in the world, willing to completely abandon protocol when apprised of a weapon of mass destruction dangerously close to their protectee, you’d think they’d at least be concerned for their own personal safety. This complete lack of concern indicates that these agents somehow knew or were utterly confident that the bomb was inert and posed no threat, but how could they possibly know that?  Troubling and damning questions indeed.

There are other oddities pointed out by the investigative report.

Let’s say the pipe bomber planted the bomb at 8:00 p.m. That would mean that the pipe bomb sat by the bench outside the DNC building for over 17 hours, undiscovered. This is rather remarkable considering that the bomb was not carefully hidden but placed fairly conspicuously next to the leg of a DNC bench. Below [above] is a photo of the DNC pipe bomb—presumably the photo taken by the Capitol Police officer as depicted in the video we analyzed above.

The Washington Post reported that the pipe bomb had “live explosive material,” thus, the police were not acting as if it were a mere “dummy bomb.”

As reported earlier by Revolver News, there is ample evidence the released footage of the J6 pipe bomb suspect had been tampered with.

The fact that the DNC pipe bomb sat in a fairly conspicuous spot undiscovered for over 17 hours by pedestrians, motorists, the DNC security guard, and the Secret Service raises the question as to whether the pipe bomb was actually planted when the FBI and the FBI’s publicly released surveillance footage suggest it was planted. This question caused our investigative team to take a closer look at the DNC surveillance footage released by the FBI. We were able to show definitively not only that the surveillance footage had been tampered with, given that its , but we were able to show definitively that the FBI is in possession of it, but for whatever reason they chose not to make public surveillance footage that would make it clear whether the pipe bomb suspect planted the bomb when they said he or she did.

While the FBI continues to round up peaceful January 6 defendants from around the nation three years after the incident, it still stands out how the DNC pipe bomber has not been caught, despite an abundance of evidence that would identify the individual.

Why wouldn’t the FBI go all-out to find the singular suspect responsible for the initial evacuation of the Congress during the 2020 election challenges? Whose deadly threat to the RNC reportedly endangered the life of Vice President Kamala Harris? Who is perhaps the missing link in the entire January 6 puzzle who could blow the lid off of a suspected plot to “fortify” the 2020 election?

By Melinda Davies
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J West
J West
4 months ago

Does anyone think that the Dems with all their paid-off judges and others, are going to be charged and jailed for their multiple transgressions?
You will need to disband the ‘FBI and the CIA and other politicized departments and start them over fresh with all new people. Just for starters.

4 months ago

Right, so we had a pipe bomb and a very slow response from authorities, what does this prove other than gross negligence and lack of good judgment by trained men who know better, BUT, what does it mean in general terms?
1. That they were complicit?
2. That this is proof that Trump had nothing to do with the rigged faux insurrection?
3.That Pelosi, police and FBI were part of the sham “insurrection?”
4. That innocent people were vilified and jailed?
5.that it’s time to release the innocents who were jailed to make Pelosi’s point?

4 months ago

Hey where’d they get that flavaflav watch, to use as a timmer?

So Stupid.

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