Elon Musk’s Mother Tweets that the Fight with Mark Zuckerberg is Canceled

Maye Musk announced on Twitter the fight between her son Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg is canceled. Maye replied to Mario Nawfal who tweeted he accidentally caused the setup of the cage fight on Twitter:

“And now the fight has been canceled. Great relief!”

Apparently, the fight may still be going forward as Maye later revealed she is just going to continue to say it is canceled in hopes that it will be.

“Actually, I canceled the fight. I haven’t told them yet. But I will continue to say the fight is canceled, just in case…”

Elon replied with laughter at his mother’s tweet.

She clearly doesn’t want her son to fight the Facebook founder. She replied to Lex Fridman who is excited about the possible fight, “Don’t encourage this match!”

She hasn’t said anything else on Twitter about the fight but it comes as no surprise that she doesn’t want her son to go up against Zuckerberg. Elon has made it clear he doesn’t work out while Zuckerburg has practicing jiu-jitsu since late last year. While Elon stands taller than Zuckeburg he is also 13 years older.

One Twitter user made a comparison chart of the pair which Elon agreed with.

We will see if Maye is successful in getting the cage match canceled or if Elon and Zuckerburg go through with the fight. The prospective match has many people’s attention.

By Liam Donovan
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