Fox News Terminates Remaining Tucker Carlson Staff with Announcement of Jesse Watters to Take the Prime Time Spot

It appears with the announcement that Jesse Watters is set to take over Tucker Carlson’s time slot on Fox News, Carlson’s former staff was given the axe effective mid-July.

Author Chadwick Moore tweeted:

“EXCLUSIVE: Sources have told me Fox News has just terminated the rest of @TuckerCarlson‘s former staff. They want the nine remaining employees to continue working until mid-July.”

Gregg Re, who was a writer and producer for ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ elaborated more on the situation.

“To be clear, this means “Fox News Tonight” will be run by a skeleton crew of producers who have to continue to work, on threat of losing their severance. They learned their job was going to be eliminated via Twitter, now this. Will there be another chyron guy?”

Twitter user TheDinaMarie asked, “Am I reading this wrong? They terminated them but want them to work until mid-July? I need more context here if I did read it wrong.”

Re replied, “Yes, they were told to keep producing Fox News Tonight until the show ends in July, at which point they will be terminated. If they do not comply then they will lose their severance.”

Two months ago Fox News announced on a Monday morning that Tucker Carlson was no longer going to appear on air. The company was still going to pay Carlson but he was no longer going to be allowed on air.

There has been speculation that this was a verbal agreement made in connection to the Dominion lawsuit. Dominion Voting Systems has denied this is the case.

Carlson has since started to put out videos on Twitter under ‘Tucker on Twitter’. Carlson has shown he will not be silenced.

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It appears that Fox News wants to wipe the slate clean when it comes to anyone associated with Carlson in the latest move. Fox News has already taken quite a hit in the ratings with the removal of Carlson, we will see what happens next.

By Liam Donovan
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