House Democrat Tries to Blame Gov. Abbott After 3 Migrants Drown Trying to Illegally Cross the Rio Grande Into Texas

U.S. House Rep Henry Cuellar (D-TX) today attempted to blame Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott after 3 migrants drowned trying to illegally cross the Rio Grande into Texas.

Cuellar released a lengthy statement describing the events that occurred at the Texas border and mentioned Abbott as well.

“This is a tragedy, and the State bears responsibility,” Cuellar concluded in the statement.

Cuellar said in the statement that the three migrants who drowned were an adult female and two children.

The statement also said that the migrants were part of a group of six migrants who were attempting to cross the river.

It was previously reported that the Texas National Guard had seized control of Shelby Park in the city of Eagle Pass, Texas.

Shelby Park has been at the center of the migrant crisis that has engulfed the U.S. border and authorities have reportedly set up razor wire and fences to block off the area.

The decision was made as part of Abbott’s emergency declaration, according to Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas.

Salinas said that the park was closed and in response, Abbott spokeswoman Renae Eze said, “Texas will continue to deploy Texas National Guard soldiers, DPS troopers, and more barriers, utilizing every tool and strategy to respond to President Biden’s ongoing border crisis.”

By Liam Donovan
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Just me
Just me
1 month ago

U.S. House Rep Henry Cuellar (D-TX) is part of the problem NOT part of the solution. Remember that Texas at election time.

Illegal aliens that drown while trying to invade our country are solely responsible for their own demise. We don’t want them here so they should not be taking risky chances. Anyway that is 3 less soul sucking invaders latched onto the taxpayers tit. Good riddance.

1 month ago

Shall we try to remember…
these are FELONS! There are dangers associated with breaking the law!
It’s no parade. It’s no cake-walk.
These poor people have been misled by the disingenuous Left! Jumping our sovereign border is NOT OK! This flood of humanity is not welcome here!
You violate our laws at your own risk!

1 month ago

Like it’s a State’s responsibility for decisions made by lawbreakers – since when? How low can these damned dems go before having their tongues removed?

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
1 month ago

Neither Abbott nor the state of Texas put that woman in the river; that was her foolish choice, trying to break our laws. It’s sad they died, but the fault lies with the decision to try to enter the US unlawfully and trying to cross a river to do so.

Phylis Tein
Phylis Tein
1 month ago

“This is a tragedy, Yes and the State bears responsibility,” No!

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