White House Evacuated as Far-Left Protesters Storm the Capitol

On Saturday night, anti-Israel protestors and rioters gathered outside the White House, with some causing damage to security fence and throwing items at police.

Protesters chanted “Ceasefire Now” and “Free, Free Palestine,” and many waved Palestinian flags. “Yemen, Yemen, make us proud / Turn another ship around,” was also chanted during the protest, which took place only hours after attacks were conducted against the Houthis in Yemen.

According to the US Secret Service, several fences outside the White House were broken, and workers and media were “relocated” as a consequence.

“During the demonstration near the White House complex Jan. 13, a portion of the anti-scale fencing that was erected for the event sustained temporary damage,” the statement read. “The issues were promptly repaired on site by U.S. Secret Service support teams.”

“As a precaution, some members of the media and staff in proximity to Pennsylvania Avenue were temporarily relocated while the issue was being addressed,” the statement continued. “The Secret Service made no arrests associated with the march and there was no property damage to the White House or adjacent buildings.”

In a news statement issued Saturday night, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Pamela A. Smith chastised demonstrators for their unlawful activity.

“The right to peacefully protest is one of the cornerstones of our democracy, and the Metropolitan Police Department has long supported those who visit our city to demonstrate safely,” Smith’s statement read. “However, violence, destructive behavior, and criminal activities are not tolerated.”

The police chief also said that protestors at Lafayette Park assaulted several cops.

“While a majority of today’s demonstration remained peaceful, there were instances of illegal and destructive behavior in Lafayette Park, including items being thrown at our officers,” Smith explained. “We are supporting our partners at the United States Park Police as they investigate and hold those found responsible accountable for their actions.”

This isn’t the first time a far-left “insurrection” has broken out at the White House.

In late May and early June 2021, an extremely violent riot broke out at the White House and forced then-President Donald Trump into a nuclear bunker.

An article by Wendi Strauch Mahoney at Uncover DC provided the remarkable details in a comparison with the riots of January 6, 2021.

“In short, the IG investigation found the following startling and little-known facts about the actions of the rioters and the police in Lafayette Park not limited to but including the following”:

  • The Treasure Annex building was vandalized
  • USPP officers reported protestors threw projectiles, such as bricks, rocks, caustic liquids, frozen water bottles, glass bottles, lit flares, rental scooters, and fireworks at law enforcement officials
  • A brick struck a USPP officer in the head, resulting in his hospitalization; 49 officers were injured in the first three days
  • Acts of violence increased in the late afternoon and evenings
  • Damage occurred to Federal and private property
  • Historic statues were vandalized with graffiti and damaged
  • The park’s comfort station was set on fire
  • A fire was set at St. John’s Church on May 31.
  • Nearby stores and businesses were looted daily
  • Protestors regularly breached bike-rack fencing and entered secured areas
  • Mayor Bowser ordered a curfew on May 31 because of the looting and vandalizing; according to USPP officers, protestors did not comply with the curfew (p.8)
  • Dispersal warnings were given but allegedly not heard adequately by protestors

“It is an undeniable truth that J6 protestors are living a very different and, frankly, hellish reality post-January 6. Lafayette Square protestors: apparently not so much,” Mahoney notes. “In fact, from what I can tell, the DOJ has dropped all charges against the Lafayette Square rioters. In the case of the Capitol protest, over 1200 J6ers have been arrested, some in early morning, no-knock raids by the FBI. The DOJ and FBI have announced plans to arrest many more.”

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It looks like when it comes to American politics, all insurrections are equal, but some insurrections are more equal than others.

By Melinda Davies
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1 month ago

Pick your issue, it doesn’r matter, but to be sure, it’s a been a long time (if ever) that our white house has ever been in line with the peoples wishes

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
1 month ago

So how many of these destructive miscreants were arrested, again???

1 month ago


I’m pretty sure it’s been evacuated, since the day trump left!!!


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