Chicago Residents Realize the Huge Mistake They Made Electing Brandon Johnson as They Erupt in Anger About Illegal Immigrants Overflowing City

If you remember recently, Democrat Mayor Chicago Lori Lightfoot was ousted after massive discontent with the way she was running the city, arguably in some people’s opinion, into the ground.

A moderate Democrat with a lot in common with Republicans named Paul Vallas initially scores the most votes, but due to the way Chicago runs their elections, he didn’t get quite enough for winner take all, and things went to a runoff election.

This runoff election upended the original election, as radical leftist Brandon Johnson somehow convinced people to choose him. Many who voted for Lightfoot in round one likely switched over to him instead of Vallas.

Vallas was demonized in the campaign for being basically almost a Republican. Unfortunately for law and order, Johnson won. Many said he was just as left wing or more so than Lightfoot.

Now that blue cities are being flooded with illegal immigrants with nowhere else to go thanks to Joe Biden’s open border, Chicagoans are realizing they may have messed up.

The “we @%#%# up” scene from “The Hangover” movie comes to mind to me anyway. See tweets and videos detailing the situation well:

“NEW: Chicago residents finally realize what it means to vote Democrat as their city is being overran by illegals. Some residents are even threatening violence. “They got one more time to deal with it ’cause otherwise… they’re gonna deal with it from the streets. We’re gonna…”

“ZERO Republicans ran for mayor. The people in Chicago consistently have two choices: radical left or extreme left. Stop whining about the outcomes of races the GOP is too scared to show up for.”

“Paul Vallas is not radical or extreme left. He is a moderate Democrat who lost to the radical leftist, Brandon Johnson. If Chicagoans won’t vote for a moderate Democrat, then why would they vote for a Republican?”

Whether or not Chicagoans learned the err of their ways yet, they’ll have to wait for another election for another chance now.

By Liam Donovan
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Loves Dogs
Loves Dogs
8 months ago

This article makes the assumption that the people of Chicago had a choice of who to vote into office. They never had a choice it was a selection, not an election. The election was stolen way before they ever got to the ballot boxes. Just like they stole the election in 2020 and before they stole this election.

8 months ago

Wallow in your own Schiff Chicago

Al Johnson
Al Johnson
8 months ago

How stupid can Adrian Norman get? Why would anyone in their right mind want to be Mayor of a city where the voters are so ignorant and braindead that they can only elect black bad, re-elect black worse, and replace black worse with black worst? “Some residents are even threatening violence. “They got one more time to deal with it ’cause otherwise… they’re gonna deal with it from the streets. ” But who the hell are “they”? News Flash: “They” is the moron staring at themselves from any mirror saying if you don’t like it commit suicide.

Al Johnson
Al Johnson
8 months ago

Johnson is so bad that in the next election the voters of Chi-town will more than likely elect someone named Lorrie Lightfoot. Read my lips, it’s the stupid voters, stupid.

Last edited 8 months ago by caught
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