Roseanne Busts Democrat Chops, Jokingly Wonders if Trump Will be Arrested for Missing a Stop Sign in 1994 After Bombshell Devon Archer News

Legendary Comedian and Actress Roseanne is back on the scene dropping “bombs” on Twitter/X. This after Democrats and RINOs failed time and time again to cancel her for not being politically correct and “woke” enough for them.

Recently we reported along with many others about Devon Archer’s bombshell testimony today. We mentioned in the below article how many believe all the indictments of Donald Trump are a distraction from the real disaster.

This disaster would be the Biden presidency falling apart at the seams for various reasons. See our earlier story then keep reading:

Roseanne Barr quote tweeted Ronny Jackson’s X about Joe Biden allegedly being on more than 20 business calls with Hunter. Many don’t get or understand the satire and sarcasm from Roseanne that she so often uses, but we believe our smart Media Right News viewers will:

“Arrest Trump for not stopping three full seconds at a stop sign in 1994!”

“Arrest Trump for not throwing back a 14 inch Bass!”

We expect much more reaction and many more developments over the coming hours and days in regards to this developing situation putting hairy legs Joe in a hairy spot now.

By Liam Donovan
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9 months ago

Love, Roseanne Barr, and wished she Would have put “Dementia Addled Biden’s ‘handlers on notice as well…that would be OBiden’s Regime, seeing this as His third Term and next hit us w/Mooch, in their quest for a fourth term of “Arrogant(O’s words)America”…FOB, etal. and thank you Roseanne for one of the Few Voices in Entertainment to SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER(freaks) who want to KEEP Control of our Republic and Citizens!

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