Joe Biden Looks Guilty as Devon Archer Testimony Puts him on 20 Business Calls with Son Hunter, Democrats Play Coy

Today, Devon Archer testified on behalf of whether or not now President Joe Biden was aware of any of his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings. Biden is on record saying he was unaware and never talked to his son about these things.

It appears Democrats may now try to say that maybe Hunter or Joe didn’t exactly know what what going on during the phone calls, or that perhaps people on one side of a call weren’t keen on who was on the other side of the call.

This narrative isn’t likely to hold water and this could end up being way worse for Biden’s presidency than the sham “whistleblower” outrage when Donald Trump was president.

“BREAKING: Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman appears flustered after listening to Devon Archer’s testimony as he tries covering for Biden family lies.

Reporter: “Doesn’t it contradict the president’s statements that he never talked to Hunter’s business associates?”

Goldman: “I don’t know what his comment is and if, if we’re gonna, well, I don’t, I don’t think that’s what he said. He never said that he has never spoken to anyone…”

Biggest clown award in Congress goes to Dan Goldman”

“Biden’s de facto lawyer Rep. Daniel Goldman is visually shaken, sweaty and in PANIC after hearing Devon Archer’s testimony. Goldman admits Joe DID coordinate with Hunter’s business associates but he was just to “say hi” Watch the PANIC”

Paul Bedard mentions the whistleblower outrage too, and says if that got Trump impeached then this should only be worse for Biden, after hearing what Hunter’s alleged former business partner had to say today.

Rep. Ronny Jackson:

“Devon Archer has confirmed that Joe Biden was on more than TWENTY business calls with Hunter. CRIMINAL! Joe Biden’s been taking bribes for DECADES. He’s BETRAYED our country. Impeachment proceedings can’t begin soon enough!!”

Many believe all the Trump indictments are a distraction being run by a network of corrupt Democrats because they knew this day was coming.

Time will tell how things pan out and if Democrats start defecting like flies and looking for a different 2024 candidate soon.

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By Liam Donovan
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11 months ago

I personally THANK Mr. Archer for coming forward to ‘Show the Nation, the ‘Biden Crime Family’s Business that HE witnessed and there can be NO DOUBT about it for Sure!’

WE the People Expect the Criminal Biden’s to be charged, removed and STOP THE LIES, they think we swallow like water. There go after POTUS Trump for “Bogus things, they KEEP throwing at him, but REAL CRIMINALS/TRAITORS TO AMERICA, LIKE THE BIDEN
FAMILY get ‘Covered by the Liberal Media of Sheep, and the Machine that O put in place to ‘Cover Up ALL THINGS THEY WANT HIDDEN FROM AMERICAN CITIZENS!

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