Biden Funding WEF’s ‘Disease X’ Development with Taxpayer Money

President Joe Biden’s administration has been caught funneling vast sums of taxpayer money into a World Economic Forum (WEF) biolab to develop the deadly “Disease X.”

The lab is based in Communist China and controlled by the WEF.

So-called “Disease X” is expected to be unleashed on the public once United Nations (UN) member states sign the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Pandemic Treaty in May.

Unleashing the deadly virus will trigger the “next pandemic” promised by Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the UN, and the WEF.

WEF scientists have been conducting experiments on a new strain of the H7N9 bird flu that will likely form the deadly virus.

Researchers report that this strain of the virus can easily be transmitted among animals and is capable of causing lethal disease.

These findings have raised alarm among experts, highlighting the potential for the virus to trigger a global human pandemic.

Since its emergence in China in 2013, the H7N9 bird flu virus has been studied for to its ability to cause severe disease in humans exposed to infected poultry.

However, last year saw a significant increase in human cases, coupled with the emergence of two distinct strains of the virus.

WEF’s Plans are Underway

With new mRNA biotechnology ready on the computer screen for the next pandemic to arrive, the Biden Administration and their Big Pharma funders cannot wait for another pandemic reap booming sales of experimental vaccines to governments.

All that’s needed now is a new disease to “cure.”

At the annual World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, the WEF devoted a panel to the challenges posed by the coming “Disease X” pandemic.

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WEF members gloated that “‘Disease X’ [that] could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic…”

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration’s Dept of Agriculture has teamed up with – you guessed it – the CCP of China to fund their own gain-of-function experiments with bird flu.

The department has now been caught funneling tx dollars directly in the Chinese lab to fund the WEF’s development of “Disease X.”

Could H7N9 Be “Disease X”?

Says Dr. Peter McCullough, America’s leading cardiologist and outspoken critic of the Covid response:

“Disease X is supposed to be caused by a ‘pathogen X.’

“Such a pathogen is expected to be engineered in a biolab, most likely an RNA virus, emerging from gain of function research where the right mix of genetic alterations highly promotes the risk for sustained transmission.

All the warning signs are right in front of us.

H7N9 has already infected humans and birds alike and is prompting vaccine development.

If WEF scientists have Disease X ready to deploy in May, it will be perfectly timed for the critical 2024 election.

By Hunter Fielding
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2 months ago

Biden’s crimes against humanity!
I can’t believe we allow this Cabal to continue plotting against Americans!
When do we end it? AFTER the Blue Helmets are patrolling our streets?
How can we do nothing…while knowing?

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