WHO Will Become Unelected Single World Government, Expert Warns

Governments around the world are preparing to surrender their sovereign powers to the WHO to establish an unelected single global government, a leading expert has warned.

Meryl Nass, a biowarfare and epidemics expert, has warned about the globalist agenda to impose a “global dominion by the few and total control of the masses.”

The agenda is disguised as an international pandemic treaty under the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to Nass, whose medical license was suspended in January 2022 by the Maine medical board for allegedly spreading “COVID misinformation” and prescribing ivermectin, the current draft of the treaty and the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) would require the public to have mRNA-based vaccination.

However, these vaccines are only produced in 100 days by skipping human trials and reducing safety and efficacy testing to the bare minimum.

The treaty gives the director-general of the WHO, the United Nations’ “health” agency, additional power to determine which medications can be used in medical emergencies.

This means that the WHO will gain authority over the healthcare of the public in different states, obliging local healthcare practitioners to adhere to their directives.

The WHO is also set to implement nationwide biosurveillance programs to identify potential pandemic-causing pathogens by testing humans, domesticated and farm animals, and wildlife, as well as inspecting farms, factories, wastewater, and more.

Additionally, the WHO director-general can declare a pandemic or even a potential one, but with no predefined criteria to declare one.

Furthermore, the director-general can act based on little more than hearsay. Concrete evidence of an impending or ongoing pandemic is not a prerequisite. Nations are also obliged to monitor and censor social media to push the WHO’s narrative.

This globalist agenda, disguised as a treaty, implies a loss of medical freedom and bodily autonomy for the masses.

In an article published by Nass entitled “The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Manmade Pandemics,” she pointed out that the treaty encourages “gain-of-function” research, a euphemism for biological warfare research, to predict future pandemic threats or potential bioweapons.

Meaning, the WHO obliges its members to actively search for potentially pandemic-causing pathogens and, once found, share them and any associated research globally.

With this strategy, it would be harder to blame a country or organization as all nations are working with the same pathogens.

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Moreover, the treaty proposes that governments share all viruses and bacteria with “pandemic potential” with the WHO and other governments, even putting their genomic sequences online.

However, this plan risks exposing dangerous pathogens to hackers and other malicious actors, undermining global security.

In short, gain-of-function research is explicitly incentivized by the treaty.

Ultimately, the WHO treaty pushes people in the opposite direction of what is required to prevent future pandemics.

To effectively prevent pandemics, it is necessary to stop gain-of-function research, as it represents the most significant pandemic threat.

“It is the public who pays the cost of the research, [and] then pays again for the accidents and deliberate leaks,” Nass wrote.

“Wouldn’t it be better to end gain-of-function research entirely, by restricting funding or closing the laboratories, rather than encouraging the distribution of biological weapons?

“If we want a decent future, it is crucial that we control these weapons instead of proliferating them.”

By Hunter Fielding
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2 months ago


Joe Dyck
Joe Dyck
2 months ago

Stop these bastards from creating the Bioweapon Covid-19 and other viruses. They are the ones killing people with both the virus and the so-called vaccine. They and the WHO NEED TO BE IN JAIL,

2 months ago

Not on my watch”!!!

Every one should seek and join a private local militia and train to become a stronger person”!

There’s power in numbers. Stick together.

Oppose this unauthorized authoritarian bull Shit!! And grow a pair”!


Ps those who still don’t have a clue, join a gun club”. Guns don’t kill people….

2 months ago
Reply to  Chas

Not sure rifles or pistols can overtake flamethrowers, tanks, or whatever other weapons of destruction the military has – after all – that’s what they’re all about But if lucky, we might get one or two…

2 months ago

If everyone who’s lost their minds and are in positions to know better yet continue to humor these bastards, they will take over the planet. I don’t know what’s so great about his ass but everyone whose supposed have intelligence, wisdom, and leadership skills, can’t seem to kiss it as often as he opens his pie-hole. Future pandemics my ass. Anyone with even half a brain can see through that bullshyt.

2 months ago

In their own minds maybe!

We are waiting for you🙂

2 months ago

He wanted pandemic restrictions brought into force for the ‘Monkey Pox’, we don’t hear about it anymore because it was another one of their scams to scare the populace
If I don’t want a jab and he ‘mandates’ it I will extend a personal invitation to him now, to come to my house and try to give it to me.

William G Munson
William G Munson
1 month ago

Our Congress better Wake Up to this Now and get Out of the WHO and them out of Business too by any means Period

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