Biden Admin Vaccine Advisor Refuses Latest Covid Shot, Warns of Heart Failure Spike Among Vaxxed

A top vaccine advisor in the Biden administration has refused to take the latest Covid shot and warned the public about soaring heart failure cases among the vaccinated.

Dr. Paul Offit is raising the alarm regarding the potential long-term consequences associated with mRNA injections and says he won’t allow himself or his own family to be vaccinated any further.

Offit serves as a prominent consultant on the vaccines committee of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

He is also a distinguished American physician who possesses expertise in the fields of infectious illnesses, vaccinations, immunology, and virology.

He has also made significant contributions as a co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine, establishing their expertise in the domains of virology and immunology.

In a video shared on the social media platform Twitter by the prominent account “Chief Nerd,” Offit expressed that he did not receive the bivalent vaccine from the previous year and has no intention of receiving the vaccine for the current year.

Offit further discusses his conviction that he is “immunologically safeguarded” and does not need additional jabs.

Subsequently, he proceeds to warn citizens against the increase in severe adverse effects, particularly myocarditis.

“I think I’m protected. I didn’t get last year’s bivalent vaccine,” he said.

“I’m not getting this year’s vaccine because I think I have high frequencies of T-cells…

“We’re going to find out about this vaccine over time.

“It is a novel strategy.

“We certainly were surprised by myocarditis and pericarditis and we’ll see whether or not over time when we’re 5 years into this, 10 years into this, 15 years into this, whether there’s any evidence of residual myocardial disease because the reason you have myocarditis is you’re making immune response to your own heart muscle,” he said.

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“We’ll find out about that over time.”

The medical adviser couches his opinion by saying that the whole methodology of mRNA vaccinations is an innovative approach and that scientific researchers are gradually gaining a much better understanding of the coronaviruses being targeted.

Dr. Offit has previously expressed support for the Covid vaccines as well as the implementation of vaccine mandates, which have compelled a substantial number of individuals in the United States to get the vaccinations or risk employment termination.

In his forceful defense of the initial vaccine mandate implemented in New York City during the summer of 2021, Offit expressed his view to CNN:

“It is not your right as an American citizen to catch and transmit a potentially fatal infection.”

Of course, the COVID-19 vaccines don’t stop the spread of infection, and indeed, there is now research that suggests it puts someone at higher risk of infection and spread.

By Hunter Fielding
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Deborah Phillips
Deborah Phillips
7 months ago

“He is also a distinguished American physician who possesses expertise…” Maybe so, but calling Covid-19 a “potentially fatal infection” shows very little expertise. C-19 was only fatal to people with serious co-morbidities, or those unlucky enough to land in a hospital, where people went to die of hospital protocol. He also supported vaccine mandates, and thinks he’s “protected” because he got three doses of the original clot shot. Sorry, but he is not one of the good guys, and doesn’t deserve a great deal of respect.

7 months ago

Covid-19 doesn’t exist.

7 months ago

This clown “doctor” needs to be forced (mandated) to get both last year’s jab and the new jab, since he was such a prominent moron pushing this “Covid” spike protein bioweapon. In fact, his whole family needs to be lined up and jabbed while he is forced to watch.

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