WEF: Other Nations Must Adopt China’s ‘Remarkable Control Measures’

World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab has declared that other nations must adopt Communist China’s brutal “control measures,” which he described as a “remarkable” way reign over the masses.

Schwab urged world leaders to embrace China as the world’s new leading superpower and has hailed the Chinese Communist Party as a role model for other countries.

Speaking at the opening plenary of the WEF’s 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions, in Tianjin, China, Schwab declared that China should lead the globalist agenda and the rest of the world must follow.

“For this special occasion today, we are extremely honored to have here with us your excellency Li Qiang, premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China,” Schwab told the Chinese audience.

“Premier Li is the eighth premier of the People’s Republic of China and a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee.”

“Premier Li has a distinguished career in public service having led the economic and social development of three major provinces: Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai.”

“He has also been instrumental in opening-up China’s capital market, attracting foreign investment, and innovation, and creating new urban areas to address land scarcity,” he added.


Sociable.co reports: The unelected globalist head of the WEF remarked that “Premier Li took his office this March at China’s National People’s Congress at a critical moment when China adopted new COVID control measures and started to boost economic development, social dynamism, and international cooperation.”

Schwab went on to say, “China has made remarkable achievements in economy, in social development, in diplomacy, and in many other areas.”

“The [World Economic] Forum, with its over 40 years of friendly and extensive partnership with China — today’s second-largest economy in the world — will continue to fight fragmentation and strive for dialogue, understanding, and collaboration as we stand for a future where nations have to work together for the collective wellbeing for humanity.

“We appreciate the long-term support from our Chinese friends, from many ministers who are here with us today as well; thank you for your participation.

“Premier Li, we are eager to learn from your vision on China and the world,” the unelected globalist concluded.

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At the 2022 APEC Summit in Thailand, Schwab told Chinese state-owned TV CGTN that China’s path towards modernization over the past 40 years was “a role model for many countries,” but that each country should make its own decision on what types of systems to adopt.

A big part of China’s modernization in recent years has included the use of invasive technologies, mass surveillance, and predictive policing to implement a system of social credit that punishes “bad” behaviors while rewarding the “good.”

Under this social credit system, over 30 million people in China are banned from leaving the country, traveling by train or plane, having insurance, renting a home, going to restaurants, and taking out a loan all because of their social credit score.

The Chinese Communist Party is also genetically profiling its Turkic, Muslim Uighur population by weaponizing facial recognition and DNA phenotyping technologies while rounding them up in “re-education camps.”

The WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions will run from June 27-29, and some of the live-streamed sessions throughout the week will include:

  • Innovating for Food Security:
    • A panel based on the premise that “climate change and food insecurity are intrinsically linked.”
  • Generative AI: Friend or Foe?:
    • A panel based on the premise that “Generative AI has the power to transform entire industries […] But also poses challenges such as the disruption of entire industries, job reorientation and synthetic media that erodes trust.”
  • The Future of Money:
    • A panel based on the premise that “The transformation of money will fundamentally rewrite how ordinary people live” asks “What does a future of digital currencies, stablecoins, and blockchain technologies look like and how will digitalization redefine the concept of money?”
  • Paying, Frictionless:
    • Another panel about CBDCs and deploying AI “to improve anti-money laundering screening.”
  • How Can We Trust Our Connected World?:
    • A panel to discuss why people “lack confidence in the responsible use of data generated by connected [IoT] devices.”

There will also be multiple discussions on climate and net-zero, along with overhauling food systems and industrial practices throughout the three-day meeting in communist China.

This year’s Meeting of the New Champions “serves as an opportunity to examine China’s future and the Chinese economy’s role in the global economy,” according to the WEF.

By Hunter Fielding
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9 months ago

NO WE MUST NOT…the WEF has no legal standing when is someone going to do something about them?

9 months ago

Once again, the WEF speaks from their asses. Who gave these beyotches so much power to think whatever they say must come true? Who the hell are they besides just a bunch of very old, very rich, and very tyrannical males? What’s their background? How about previous experience? What educational system formed the minds of these egomaniac maniacs? Why are so many countries buying what they’re selling? What’s the benefit (besides total power and control)?

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