Toby Keith Hopes to Mount Epic Fall Comeback Tour after Stomach Cancer Tumor Shrinks

A year after Toby Keith announced that he had stomach cancer on Instagram, he told ‘The Oklahoman‘ “I’m feeling pretty good. Basically, everything is in a real positive trend. You never know with cancer, so you have to prepare.”

Keith is itching to be touring again, and hopes to be on the road by the end of the year if he can build up enough stamina.

“I’ve got more wind and I’m thinking about bringing the band in and setting up, playing two or three days somewhere just to see if I can get through two hours,” Keith shared.

He wants to be “out on the road this fall.”

“I’m ready,” Keith proclaimed. He is still undergoing chemotherapy but everything is improving and his tumor has shrunk by a third. “I’m about another eight weeks from my last scan. So I expect next time I look for that tumor to be even less.”

Last June Keith shared on Instagram:

“Last fall I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I’ve spent the last 6 months receiving chemo, radiation and surgery. So far, so good. I need time to breathe, recover and relax. I am looking forward to spending this time with my family. But I will see the fans sooner than later. I can’t wait -T”

He has continued to give updates to his fans who are excited to see the singer return to the road. This most recent update seems to be quite positive.

By Liam Donovan
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