WEF: 99% of Humans Will Be Replaced by AI

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has promised globalists attending the “Summer Davos” event in China that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon replace 99% of humans on Earth.

Global elites at WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, China salivated while being told that “useless humans” will soon be eliminated and replaced with AI technology.

The WEF told attendees gathered for the event that the remaining one percent of humans will oversee AI workflows that will transform “our” decision-making.

The news was announced by WEF “agenda contributor” and CausaLens founder and CEO Darko Matovski.

Matovski laid out the WEF’s vision of the future during the panel on “What Can AI Assistants Do?”

“We’re going to end up in a world where 99 percent of all intelligence is artificial, and the one percent — the human intelligence, will act as a backstop to the 99 percent of artificial intelligence,” said Matovski.

“We’re not there yet, and we’re not ready for that world, but that’s the world we are embarking to create.

“In that world, we will need to choose, depending on a use case, where is the line between autonomy and control?

“Where does the one percent of the human intelligence need to dedicate their time?

“There’s going to be many applications in which you can have fully autonomous agents, and that’s cool, and there’s going to be many situations where you’re going to want a high degree of oversight of the humans.

“I think that’s the most interesting area — where do we spend that one percent of human intelligence to oversee the agentic workflows?” he added.


Matovski would go on to say that artificial general intelligence may come much quicker than we think, and that it will potentially lead to “massive improvements in decision-making.”

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“If you look at how we make decisions today, it’s all based on human gut-feel,” said Matovski.

“Even the most advanced organizations have a very small number of real-world use cases of AI when it comes to decision-making; governments of course are maybe even further behind.

“There’s this tremendous opportunity to use AI and AI agents and more advanced forms of AI as we develop them to transform completely how we make decisions in our society, which will lead to more equitable, more efficient, better societies,” he added.

But before we start to pass off our critical thinking, decision-making, and free will off to artificial intelligence, Matovski says that we need to know why AI behaves the way it does.

When it comes to Large Language Models (LLMs), not even the developers know how they work, according to the causaLens CEO.

“What’s really important for me is that we have AI that we trust and that humans can actually understand what the AI is doing,” said Matovski.

“If you take LLM, even the developers don’t know how it works.

“We talk about this emerging intelligence, which is great in use cases like writing poems and things that don’t hurt anyone, but not so good if you’re doing a brain surgery or making a major policy decision or a major decision in your enterprise,” he added.

If 99 percent of intelligence is to be artificial, and if we are to cede most of our decision-making to AI, what will that mean for elections?

As WEF founder Klaus Schwab said at the 2017 annual meeting in Davos, “Why do we need elections because we know what the result will be?”

Schwab kicked off the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, saying that economic growth and a more peaceful future would come from embracing innovation and forcing collaboration.

In the opening plenary, the unelected globalist said:

“To drive future economic growth we must embrace innovation and force the collaboration across sectors, regions, nations, and cultures to create a more peaceful, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future

“At this critical juncture the active participation of all stakeholders is essential to ensure a sustainable development path,” he added.

The WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions runs from June 25-27 under the theme “Next Frontiers for Growth.”

By Hunter Fielding
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28 days ago

I predict that 100% of WEF bigwigs will be removed, along with their AI diddies!

28 days ago

I’m sorry, but what is the targeted “human race” doing while this group of megalomaniacs plan our disposal?
Is anyone paying attention?
The WEF has infiltrated governments and social media! A founder of Google speaks at their meeting in China, PROMISING a 99% reduction in People in the future!
The threat of China or Russia IS NOTHING compared to the Elites planning worldwide genocide! In fact, we are handily distracted by those conventional global fears, while the uber-rich (Uber egos) meet, out in the open, PROUD of their plan to clean the earth of pesky humans!
The global/medical establishment is on-board. The United Nations, the WHO, the CDC is in cahoots with WEF Young Global Leaders, who are situated in the highest levels of government, media and business. They admit this! But, WE AREN’T LISTENING!
These are the people who, on a whim, decided to test obedience, and a chemical genocidal agent, by imposing the COVID fiasco on the world! A test.
Our media is useless! They do not acknowledge, or allow discussion of this ultimate global threat! Media is complicit in this ghastly plan, so beyond a few brave outlets like NEWSADDICTS.COM, the plan to “thin the herd” goes unnoticed by most.
The WEF has penetrated deep in our governments and institutions! Until humanity recognizes the enemy, we are powerless to defend ourselves. Will the insane inherit the earth?

28 days ago

So the 1% remaining will be…… the elite?

Robert P
Robert P
28 days ago


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