New Democrat Bill Forces Gun Dealers to Sell Gun Locks: ‘Legislation That Will Save Lives’

Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is introducing a bill that mandates firearms dealers to sell a gun lock for every gun purchase, a change she believes will contribute to the prevention of accidental shootings.

The “Safe Storage Saves Lives Act,” a proposed legislation, makes it a “requirement that a gun seller have a compatible gun lock available for every firearm for sale” and states that it “shall be unlawful for any person to offer a firearm for sale unless the person offers for sale a secure gun storage or safety device that is compatible with the firearm.”

According to the bill, individuals who violate the law would face a “penalty of not more than $1,000.”

“It’s horrifying that 4.6 million children in our country live in homes with a loaded and unlocked firearm,” Tlaib stated in a press release.

“Tragically, in Southeast Michigan, we have witnessed the deadly consequences of children having easy access to firearms in their homes.

“Safe storage is key to protecting our children from gun violence,” she added.

“The Safe Storage Saves Lives Act will require a gun lock with every gun sold in the United States. We must move with the urgency this moment demands and pass commonsense gun safety legislation that will save lives,” she concluded.

In a press release, Congressman Maxwell Frost, a Democratic representative from Florida and a cosponsor of the bill said that the legislation has the “ability to save hundreds of innocent lives a year.”

The National Rifle Association, in a statement provided to Fox News, expressed the opinion that Tlaib’s bill imposes an unnecessary obligation, asserting that gun manufacturers already fulfill this requirement.

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“Rep. Tlaib isn’t educated on this topic, firearm manufacturers already provide a lock with every gun that is sold, and anyone looking for additional gun locks can get them free through Project Childsafe, an industry program that provides free gun locks to anyone who wants one,” the NRA said.

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By Hunter Fielding
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