Tucker Carlson Book Author Booted from Gutfeld Showing and Banned from Fox News he Says

Author Chadwick Moore claimed on Twitter that he is not allowed on Fox News anymore. The reason behind the ban he claims is because he “wrote a book about Tucker Carlson.”

He shared the news along with the fact that he has been “dis-invited from he May 31 episode” of “Gutfeld!”.

Moore tweeted, “I’m not allowed on Fox anymore, because I wrote a book about @TuckerCarlson. I’ve been banned from the network.”

He then added, “This is the absolute truth. Just ask @greggutfeld why I was dis-invited from the May 31 episode. So weird.”

Moore had earlier tweeted about information he had been told privately by Fox News employees.

“Fox News employees have told me privately that all on-air talent have been banned from saying the name “Tucker” on air.”

This led one Twitter user to inquire, “Certainly not @greggutfeld!” Moore replied, “Yes. His show booted me after I announced my book.”

It seems that Moore’s tweets didn’t sit will with some at Fox News as he claimed to receive text complaints about his tweets.

“Some Fox News people texted me tonight, re: my tweets. They were pissed off and petty. I don’t care. I think I wrote a good book. I’m proud of it.”

He was also asked what tweet set off the backlash from Fox News. He shared, “When I said Greg’s show disinvited me. Which is fact. Because I wrote a book.”

Moore announced his book on Twitter earlier this month. The book is a biography on Tucker Carlson, who was taken off the air by Fox News a little over a month ago. When he annouced the his book he also revealed alleged details about Carlson’s ousting from Fox News.

This according to Moore seems to be the source of his now apparent ban from Fox News. “Tucker” is currently available for preorder and is set to be released on July 18th.

By Hunter Fielding
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