Chuck Todd Scoffs At Assertion That the Supreme Court is ‘One of the Most Transparent Institutions’

During NBC’s “Meet the Press” today, host Chuck Todd took aim at the Supreme Court during various segments.

While speaking with the former clerk for Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, Jenn Mascott, Todd scoffed at the assertion that the court is “one of the most transparent institutions.”

Mascott was explaining how the court had been responding to cases coming before it and that they have been attempting to be transparent.

“Quite frankly, in some ways, (the court) is one of the most transparent institutions in the sense that at least with the merits cases, we are getting dozens and dozens of pages,” Mascott asserted.

Todd dismissed Mascott and explained, “As a reporter looking for transparency, that is no transparent institution.”

However, Todd admitted that he understood what she meant in regard to the statement that she was making.

During another segment on the show, Todd presented poll numbers and the figures of how many justices have been appointed during Republican and Democrat presidents since LBJ’s presidency.

Todd said that rulings since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death have now been to the right of what even Republicans would have expected.

“So, the perception, in this case, that it is too conservative, may play out in reality,” Todd concluded.

By Hunter Fielding
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